Hear The Beatles Tell All

Hear The Beatles Tell All
(VeeJay PRO-202, Mono, May 11, 1964)

In Los Angeles on 24th/25th August 1964, Jim Steck interviewed John, and Dave Hull interviewed all four Beatles. It is these interviews that are heard here.
Originally issued in America by Vee Jay records as a promotional release during the Beatles 1964 summer tour.

The copy above is the 1979 U.S. import, when it was re-promoted as "now being in stereo".
The chat through both sides is interspersed with some bizarre backing, consisting of sporadic drumming, random bongos, percussion and tubular bells. The sleeve identifies the culprits as, edited and scored by Lou Adler, percussion by Hal Blaine.

Side 1 (13:04)
John talks to Jim Steck in Los Angeles on 24th August 1964.
John discusses :
The crowd at the Hollywood Bowl
Commercial radio
Origin of the name, The Beatles
Long hair
Skiffle/Forming the band
Future plans
Educational background and scholastic failures
The housing of Liverpool
Side 2 (13:14)
All four Beatles are interviewed by Dave Hull. The interviews are conducted on 25th August 1964.
Discussion points :
Paul - Jane Asher and her family
John - Wife having a baby
George - His mother answering fan's letters/Patti Boyd
Paul - Giving away addresses
John - A Hard Day's Night/New house in Surrey
Ringo - Throat operation
Paul - His dad's racehorse, "Drake's Drum"
Ringo - Maureen/Disneyland
George - Disneyland
Released Versions :
First Issue - U.S. 14th September 1964
Original first editions did NOT have the "PRO" prefix on the label. Copies are worth £200.
Second pressings of first issue - U.S. 1964
With the "PRO" prefix on the label. Copies are worth £100.
Second Issue - U.S. 12th December 1979
First U.K. issue - 20th February 1981
Shaped picture disc - U.S. 1st August 1987 (This version was actually edited, with Side 1 being 8:15 and Side 2 lasting 7:45)

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The Beatles' collectors and newcomers bibles 2

The focus of this site is acetates and tapes circa 1957-1970. In addition, you will find info on variousE.M.I. master reel tapes (certainly, the holy grail of recordings), other rare tapes, test pressings, and other odds and ends.

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Beatles’ rare 45 rpm sleeves from all over the world.

Vol. 3: 49 sleeves of I Feel Fine / Eight Days A Week / Ticket To Ride (rar file 1.28 MB)

Beatles' Memorabilia - The Yellow Submarine Set

The Yellow Submarine comic's Spanish edition cover

The Yellow Submarine Stamp

The Yellow Submarine Poster

The Yellow Submarine Toybox

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Thousand of Beatles (and not only) bootlegs descibed track by track with all known infos!

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Introducing the Beatles' Christmas Records

A preview of the whole thing below.

The Beatles - The Christmas Records Collection

Every December from 1963 to 1969, The Beatles sent out a free 7" flexi disc to each British member of their fan club. Before 1968, US fan club members had to make do with a postcard, but in 1968 and 1969 they too received short records.
The records ranged in length from four to eight minutes of audio and included personal messages from the boys, poetry, skits and gags and short bits of music. Together they clock in at a 43:42
The Beatles’ Christmas Records are one of the few things in the Fab catalog that have remained completely unreleased.
These seven greetings are:

1963. The Fabs seem as surprised by their exploding popularity as everyone else. Dig Ringo’s impromptu version of "Good King Wenceslas."

1964. At the height of Beatlemania, John promises his forthcoming book of poems and drawings "will be the usual rubbish but it won’t cost much."

1965. In the year of the Butcher cover, the Fabs also do a hilarious hatchet job on "Yesterday."

1966. "Meanwhile, high in the Swiss Alps, two elderly scotchmen munch on a rare cheese," says Ringo and it only gets weirder from there. Looks like someone’s been dropping some acid. Beginning from the cover-style...

1967. This one contains "Christmas Time is Here Again," which was released in edited form on the CD single of "Free as a Bird" with the Beatles Anthology project in 1996.

1968. A yuletide White Album, with an acoustic Xmas ditty from Paul, sound collage from John and snippets of "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da," "Helter Skelter" and even a cameo from Tiny Tim.

1969. The end is near. At this point they can’t even keep Yoko off the Christmas record.

All this and many more can be found here:

The Beatles - The Christmas Collection
1. 1963 The Beatles Christmas Record 2. 1964 Another Beatles Christmas Record
3. 1965 The Beatles Third Christmas Record
4. 1966 Pantomime - Everywhere It's Christm
5. 1967 Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
6. 1968 Christmas 1968 (Happy Christmas)
7. 1969 Happy Christmas
8. Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
9. Ding Dong, Ding Dong
10. Wonderful Christmas Time
11. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reggae
12. Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
1. A Saturday Club Xmas - Crimble Medley
2. Hello Dolly
3. Speeches Take One
4. Paul's Speech
5. White Christmas
6. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
7. Merry Crimble - Happy Rudolph
8. Ringo Christmas Greeting
9. Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
10. Jingle Bell
11. Jock And Yono
12. Onceuponapooltable
13. Ringo's Christmas Plea For The Blind
14. John & Yoko's Message From Ascot
15. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
16. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
17. Ding Dong, Ding Dong
18. Wonderful Christmastime
19. Happy New Year from John
20. John, All You Need Is Adrian Love
21. Another Ringo Christmas Message
22. Paul's Christmas greeting
23. Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
24. George's Christmas message
25. A Nelson Wilbury Christmas message
26. Another Paul Christmas Greeting
27. Paul's Jingle Bells

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Or you may try a torrent (different edition with less tracks)


The Complete Christmas Collection 1963-1969
1. Christmas Time Is Here Again
2. The Beatles Christmas Record - 1963
3. The Beatles Christmas Record - 1964
4. The Beatles Christmas Record - 1965
5. The Beatles Christmas Record - 1966
6. The Beatles Christmas Record - 1967
7. The Beatles Christmas Record - 1968
8. The Beatles Christmas Record - 1969
9. Christmas Message Outtake - 1964


More infos on this item @ Bootleg Zone

Three Beatles' Christmas Songs

The Beatles 1963 Christmas message (alternate)

Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmastime

Paul’s 1979 solo single, "Wonderful Christmastime".

The Beatles 1963 Christmas message

Beatles' Era: The Who's Magic Bus

- and it is a real bus: actually an original (but customised) Volkswagen T1 panel van from 1965, signed by both Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend

Posters 1

This is a rare poster for a Beatles performance at the Tower Ballroom New Brighton in 1962. Notice the misspelling 'BEETLES' instead of 'Beatles'.

Bob Meets The Beatles

This one takes us back in time to a milestone moment in rock history: the day Bob Dylan first smoked up the Beatles. It got weird in that room...

You can see the whole story HERE.

Sgto. Pimienta

La banda del club de los corazones solitarios.

Lego Beatles 2

Lego Beatles

The Sea of Holes

Collecting Beatles Records - A Beginners Guide

For the beginner, collecting Beatles records can be a bit of a minefield if you don't know what to look out for. But with a little patience you can get to know your way around the important points fairly quickly.

An interesting point to bear in mind is that, despite the mass production of records produced since the 1950's and 60's onwards, no two records will ever be identical. It is a somewhat human trait, that every single record that was produced is in fact different. They all have their own charecteristics, quirks and personality, both in terms of the particular batch number and of course the condition the records now find themselves in.

Even if you compare two seemingly identical records produced from the same batch, both in absolute MINT condition (i.e. never been played, and in the same NEW condition they were when they left the factory) you will still find differences. They all have their own charecteristics, just as identical human twins do. It's one of the things I like most about collecting Beatles (and other artists') records.

You might think that this makes the business of collecting even more complicated. To an extent, you would be right, but don't let that deter you. There are price guides available that contain the basics which help keep you on the right track. The guide I personally use and would thoroughly recommend to you is the 'Record Collector Rare Record Price Guide'. It is very comprehensive and generally considered to be the industry standard. If you're serious about collecting records, then this really is essential. The latest updated 2008 version has been fully revised and is available now from AMAZON at an excellent price.

Labels: The Beatles - Please Please Me

Please Please Me - PCS 3042 (Stereo) / PMC 1202 (MONO)
Black & Gold Parlophone Label - 1963

To any Beatles collector, of critical importance is the label. Before you buy any Beatles record, you must examine the label to ensure it's authenticity. It has to have the right credentials. And of course, the condition is also all important.
In general, the 1st and 2nd pressings have the Black & Gold Parlophone label. The 3rd, 4th, 5th (1964), 6th (1965) and 7th (1968) pressings have the Yellow & Black Parlophone label. The later re-pressings from 1969 have Black & Silver labels with the EMI boxed logo.
So, if you are being presented with a Yellow & Black Parlophone label, and the seller is telling you it's a 1st pressing, you can politely correct them. It could indeed be a very "early" 3rd or 4th pressing, for example, as denoted by the stamper matrix numbers (don't worry this will be covered in a leter post), but it certainly won't be a first pressing.
The best place to start is with what is generally considered to be the Holy Grail of Beatles vinyl: The first album 'Please Please Me' with the Black & Gold Parlophone label in Stereo.
In mint condition, this item (in STEREO) will range in value from around £3,000 to £10,000 depending on condition and rarity. The MONO version follows closely behind at around £750 upwards. There are several various versions of Please Please Me which I will get to, but this will hopefully serve as an introduction.
Now if it's your lucky day and you happen to see a 'Black & Gold' label Please Please Me (in any condition) at a car boot sale or in a second hand shop (unlikely), my advice would be to buy it immediately and without hesitation. They are scarce and becoming harder to find every day which makes them an appreciating investment set to rise year on year into the future. Pretty obvious really, as one thing is certain: they definitely won't increase in quantity.

Please Please Me was released in the UK on 22nd March, 1963. The main difference between the 1st and 2nd pressings is the music publishing credits. The more sought after 1st pressings have the Dick James Music Co. Publishing credits and generally achieve a higher price than the 2nd pressings with Northern Songs credits.

Please Please Me (1963) - PCS 3042 - STEREO
Notice the rim text begins with "The Parlophone Co Ltd.." Also, the early First Pressings have Dick James Mus. Co. credits.

Please Please Me (1963) - PMC 1202 - MONO
Note the embossed MT Tax stamp in the centre near the spindle hole.

This next label pic clearly shows the difference between the Black & Gold and Yellow & Black Parlophone labels. They are two completely different designs. Notice there is still no date shown on the 3rd press label. This lack of date is an important distinction between the 3rd and 4th pressings, as we will see.

Please Please Me (1963) - PMC 1202 - MONO - Third Pressings

Here we see (in the label pic below) some differences in the label text on the later 6th Pressing Yellow & Black. Most notably, we now have "THE GRAMOPHONE CO LTD..." rim text and also the "SOLD IN UK..." text. (Note: All previous pressings from 1st to 5th all have "The Parlophone Co.. rim text)

Please Please Me (1963) - PMC 1202 - MONO - Sixth Pressing 1965

Beatles On 45 - 2

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Vol.2: 50 sleeves of I Want To Hold Your Hand / Can't Buy Me Love / A Hard Day's Night (rar file 1.27 MB)


Beatles' Memorabilia 2

Perpetual Calendar
The year shown is 1964. Check here...

Paul McCartney forgets the words... I'm a Loser (1964)

The Rutles - Hold My Hand (1963)

The Rutles - Cheese And Onions (1969)

Beatles On 45 - 1

Beatles’ rare 45 rpm sleeves from all over the world.

Vol.1: 58 sleeves of Love Me Do / From Me To You / She Loves You (rar file 1.49 MB)


Beatles Hotel Opens in Liverpool

In Hard Days Night Hotel in Liverpool Lennon and McCartney suites are available in the birthplace of one of rock 'n' roll's greatest icons. The hotel will feature 110 rooms for $340 per night, with the suites running for $1,300 per night, a Yellow Submarine jukebox, a stylish, basement bar, and modern European restaurant, and of course tons of Beatles paraphernalia and music to boot.

Beatles' Memorabilia 1

The Yellow Submarine Pinball

Beatles' labels 1: first and last

The last record issued by the Beatles own record company during the Apple era.

The first record bearing the Beatles name in the U.S.A.: VJ 498 (Notice the misspelling of the group's name)

An original acetate of the master for Capitol's Meet The Beatles LP (with same misspelling as on VJ 498 above)
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(1972)MICHAEL GARRICK - Troppo (1973)ZAO - Kawana (1976)WEATHER REPORT - Ann Arbor, Usa 1976EAST OF EDEN - BBC 1970HARRIS, PONTY, BRANTNER, URBANIAK - New Violin Summit (1971)MICHAL URBANIAK CONSTELLATION In Concert (1973)OREGON - Violin (1977)ZBIGNIEW SEIFERT - Zbigniew Seifert (1977)PATAPHONIE - Le Matin Blanc (1978)ABSTRACT TRUTH - Abstract Truth (1970)WEATHER REPORT - Westport, Usa 1974LARD FREE - Lard Free (1973)KARL BERGER - Tune In (1970)MOVING GELATINE PLATES - The World Of Genius Hans (1971)FRANCOISE HARDY - Les Annèes en Vogue (1963-1968)WEATHER REPORT - The Agora, Cleveland 1972STEVE WINWOOD - Winwood Goes BackwardSUPERSISTER - Live 1972STEVE HILLAGE - Live at the Rainbow 1977WEATHER REPORT - Funkausstellung, Berlin 1971GONG - Live in Bremen 1974ZODIAC - Cosmic Sounds (1967)HARRY BECKETT - Flare Up (1970)TRAFFIC - John Barleycorn Must Die Live In Concert (1970-1972)MILES DAVIS - Seven Inches And MoreBLODWYN PIG - London (1974)IF - Live in London 1972BACK DOOR - A Live Decade 1976-1985EMBRYO - Live in Italy 1980RALPH TOWNER – Live at Berlin Jazztage 1973OZRIC TENTACLES - Live in Denver 2000PORK PIE - Balver Hohle Jazzfestival 1974HATFIELD & THE NORTH - Theatre Present de La Villette , Paris 1973TOTO BLANKE - Spider's Dance (1974)OREGON - Berlin Philharmonie 1980TRAFFIC - The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys Live In Concert 1971-72TONY WILLIAMS LIFETIME - Village Gate New York 1969SOFT MACHINE - Live at Fairfield Halls 1972WEATHER REPORT - Chateauvallon, France 1973TANGERINE DREAM - Berlin Deutschlandhalle 1973HERBIE HANCOCK - Live in Detroit 1973TRAFFIC - When The Eagles Flies Live In Concert 1974MILES DAVIS - More Sessions 1975-76JACK BRUCE, DICK HECKSTALL-SMITH, MARC CHARIG, JOHN MARSHALL - Links (1992)BRAND X - Live At The Bottom Line 1979AGGREGATION - Mind Odyssey (1967)MARK-ALMOND - Live in Syracuse, NY 1972LLOYD MCNEILL - Washington Suite (1970)XTC - Drums and Wireless: BBC Live 1978-1989KENNY WHEELER - Windmill Tilter, The Story Of Don Quixote (1969)CAMEL - Radio Broadcasts Live 1973-74MILES DAVIS - Rotterdam, November 9, 1969PETER HAMMILL - Live 1972-73 (London/Paris)JOHN SURMAN and Strings Live at Umbria Jazz 2001STOMU YAMASHTA - The Man from the East (1973)HERBIE HANCOCK - Boston Jazz Workshop 1973TANGERINE DREAM - Live in Köln 1972JAC's GROUP featuring CHARLIE MARIANO (1975)ZAPPA/PONTY - Melbourne '73IAN CARR'S NUCLEUS - BBC 1972-1980HENRY COW SLAPP HAPPY & FRIENDS - At the BBC 1974-1977SOFT MACHINE - Live in Roslyn, Ny, 1974KING CRIMSON – A Young Person's Guide to King CrimsonUNITED JAZZ + ROCK ENSEMBLE - Live In Berlin 1981EDGAR FROESE - Pinnacles (1983)MICHAEL GIBBS - Lancaster University 1969HUGH HOPPER FRANGLOBAND - Live at Les Najades 2004The Other COLOSSEUM Live (1969-70)JOHN SURMAN - Morning Glory (1973)NATIONAL HEALTH - Live in Lawrence 1979CHARLIE MARIANO - Cascade (1974)JETHRO TULL - Newport Pop Festival 1969MILES DAVIS - Live in Warsaw 1983EDGAR FROESE - Epsilon in Malaysian Pale (1975)SOFT MACHINE - Roundhouse 1971NIEMEN - Sopot / Warszawa 1974NEIL ARDLEY - A Symphony of AmaranthsBACK DOOR - Live in London 1973VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR - Godbluff Live 1975ASSOCIATION - Earwax (1970)KING CRIMSON - Fan Food (1970-74)JEAN-LUC PONTY - Live at Donte's (1969)MATCHING MOLE - Bilzen Jazz Festival 1972XTC - The Electric(1982)XTC - The Acoustic (1989)SURMAN BRUCE & HISEMAN 2 (1978)HENRY COW - BBC Sessions 1971-73MILES DAVIS - Deep Brew, Volume 2KING CRIMSON - The Improvs Vol.2SOFT MACHINE - Live in Rome 1972STOMU YAMASH'TA's EAST WIND - Freedom is Frightening (1973)SURMAN BRUCE & HISEMAN (1971)AUDIENCE (1969)MILES DAVIS - Deep Brew, Volume 1CAN - University Of Essex Colchester 1975NEIL ARDLEY - Kaleidoscope Of Rainbows (1976)KING CRIMSON - The Improvs Vol.1SOFT MACHINE - Live in Oslo 1971STOMU YAMASH'TA - Live in Stockholm 1974KLAUS SCHULZE - The Studio Seventies Vol.2 1974-75TOTO BLANKE - Electric Circus (1976)DON 'SUGAR CANE' HARRIS - Cup Full Of Dreams (1973)JASPER VAN´T HOF HOWEVER - However (1978)HENRY COW w/ROBERT WYATT - Rome 1975MICHAL URBANIAK GROUP - Paratyphus B (1973)BETWEEN - And The Waters Opened (1973)JASPER VAN'T HOF'S PORK PIE - The Door Is Open (1976)DONALD FAGEN - Toronto 2006MILES DAVIS - Troubador L.A. 1975JOHN SURMAN, JACK DE JOHNETTE Live 2001POPOL VUH - Live In MIan 1975MANFRED SCHOOF - HorizonsJOHN MAYALL - Ten Years Are Gone Vol. 2NIEMEN - AerolitASSOCIATION P.C. - Mama KukuSENSATION'S FIX - Live in Italy 1974MILES DAVIS - Fillmore East, March 6th, 1970ISOTOPE - Perception Of The BeholderKLAUS SCHULZE - The Studio Seventies Vol.1 1970-73DON ‘SUGAR CANE’ HARRIS - Keep On DrivingTERRY RILEY & DON CHERRY - Studio SessionASSOCIATION P.C. - Rock Around The CockVAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR - The Virtual LiveEDDIE LOUISS - Our Kind Of SabiJOHN MAYALL - Ten Years Are Gone Vol. 1THE ALAN SKIDMORE QUINTET - TCBGRATEFUL DEAD - The Other OnesASSOCIATION P.C. - Erna MorenaANNIE WHITEHEAD - A Tribute To Robert WyattSENSATIONS’ FIX - Sensations’ FixMILES DAVIS - Live at the Blue Coronet ClubASSOCIATION P.C. - Sun RotationKING CRIMSON - 21/21stVOLKER KRIEGEL - Live in Stuttgart 1974JOE FARRELL QUARTET - Super SessionJIMI HENDRIX - The Cry Of LoveCHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE - Rome 1999VOLKER KRIEGEL - Topical HarvestPETER HAMMILL & STUART GORDON - LivePASSPORT - Live in Stuttgart 1974SENSATIONS’ FIX - Portable MadnessIAN CARR'S NUCLEUS - Live At The TheaterhausMILES DAVIS - Salle Pleyel, Paris, November 3, 1969BEDJABETCH - Subrepticement (FRIPP & ENO - Olympia Hall, Paris May 28, 1975TANGERINE DREAM - Sheffield City HallIAN CARR'S NUCLEUS - Live in Leicester 1976PAZOP - Psychillis of a Lunatic GeniusCROSBY STILLS & NASH - MTV 1990JIMMY GIUFFRE - Live in GrazJOHN MAYALL - Moving OnMILES DAVIS - Fillmore West October 15, 1970BLODWYN PIG - The Basement TapesJEAN-LUC PONTY - Sunday WalkPETER HAMMILL & GENESIS - Live in Rome 1973VOLKER KRIEGEL & SPECTRUM - Mild ManiacROBERT WYATT - Live on Italy’s RadioMILES DAVIS - Berkshire Music Center TanglewoodFRANK ZAPPA - QuaudiophiliacGENTLE GIANT - Live in Usa 1975DON 'SUGAR CANE' HARRIS - Got The BluesKING CRIMSON - Live at Summit StudiosMICHAEL MANTLER - The Hapless ChildROLF KÜHN JAZZGROUP - Going To The RainbowMAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA - Live in Cleveland 1972BLUE NILE - A Walk Across the RooftopsMILES DAVIS - Rainbow Theatre, London 1973HIM - Sworn EyesMILES DAVIS - Belgrade1973MATCHING MOLE - BBC Radio 1PORK PIE - TransitoryMILES DAVIS - Paris, November 15, 1973YOG SOTHOTH - Yog SothothMILES DAVIS - Berlin, November 1, 1973BAROQUE JAZZ TRIO - BJTSOFT MACHINE - Live at the Berlin Jazz FestivalPETER GABRIEL en France 2002ALCATRAZ - Vampire State BuildingMILES DAVIS - Stockholm 1973ART JACKSON'S ATROCITY - GoutLOVE - Live In UK 1970CANNONBALL ADDERLEY - European Tour 1972KEBNEKAJSE - ElefantenEMBRYO - Era Ora CassetteTHE FOURTH WAY - Live in Berkeley 1968JOHN MARTYN - Live in London 1984SUN SHIP - Aquarium Live n. 5GIL EVANS - Syntetic EvansTWENTY SIXTY SIX AND THEN - ReflectionsMILES DAVIS - Boston Jazz Workshop 1973SPEKTAKEL - SpektakelVAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR – Live at the ParadisoHERMAN SZOBEL - SzobelVAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR - Live at Le BataclanGALLIARD - 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