Beatles' Memorabilia

A pair of sunglasses worn by John Lennon can be seen with a photo of the famous singer as part of the "Icons of Music" collection of music memorabilia to be auctioned off for the "Music Rising" benefit for Gulf Coast musicians, in New York April 16, 2007.

John Lennon movie coming together

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter
Fri Aug 29, 2008

LONDON (Hollywood Reporter) - The story of John Lennon is headed for the big screen with "Nowhere Boy," which will focus on the former Beatle's troubled adolescence.

Screenwriter Matt Greenhalgh's script details the story of Lennon as a lonely teenager abandoned by his mother and raised by his authoritarian aunt. His only escape is music, art and his fateful friendship with Paul McCartney. The film will be directed by visual artist Sam Taylor-Wood, who will shoot on location in Lennon's hometown of Liverpool.

"The women in John's early life truly shaped who he became," Taylor-Wood said, "and the strengths and weaknesses of their relationships are central to this film."

Casting for the major roles "is under way," said producer Ecosse Films, which is developing the project with the U.K. Film Council.

Beatles' Era - Aussie 60s Garage Punk Classic

The Atlantics (1967)

Beatles' Era - The Thorts

Rare 1960's Aussie Mod-beat. A mid 60s band from Perth doing an Easybeats’ tune.

Beatles' Era - The Easybeats

The Easybeats: Women. Sixties Pop From Downunder.

Beatles' Ghosts For Sale...

An unnamed craigslist user is selling this glass jar. He claims that it is might hold the ghost of George Harrison.
Read: "Large Glass Jar (possibly containing a ghost)
Date: 2007-12-09, 11:18PM EST
I picked up this Jar at my uncles estate sale. It's believed to contain a ghost! possibly of George Harrison. If you're in to ghosts and other super natural phenomenon, or are a Beatles fan, this is the item for you" (from http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/mon/504298183.html)

The Beatles on Morecambe and Wise Show

Morecambe and Wise were a hugely successful British comedy duo from 1941 through to Morecambe’s death in 1984. In December 1963 The Beatles appeared on their ATV television programme Two Of A Kind.

Here is the entire 10 minute clip of The Beatles from that show. It includes fairly standard performances of three songs, This Boy, All My Loving, and I Want to Hold Your Hand. The best part of the clip though is at the end, where Morcambe and Wise banter with The Beatles, and then sing Moonlight Bay with them. This can be heard on The Beatles Anthology 1, but here you have the video.

BBC News 1999: Beatles lyrics last a lifetime

Wednesday, April 21, 1999

Songs by the Beatles came out top in a national poll

The Beatles' Love Me Do still rings true for music fans whereas the Spice Girls' Wannabe just doesn't make the grade.
A poll for the National Year of Reading found the lyrics by groups like The Beatles and Abba are still more popular than words written by more recent pop artists.

"The Beatles are a Shakespeare for the 20th century," said Helen Reddington, lecturer in commercial music at the University of Westminster.

The Spice Girls polled 2% of the vote
"Their appeal spans generations and their lyrics are as accessible today as they were 30 years ago to a different generation."

The Beatles gained 31% of votes in the country-wide survey for songs such as Eleanor Rigby, When I'm Sixty-Four and Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

Abba, famous for hits such as Waterloo, Money, Money, Money and Dancing Queen polled 17%.

The project director of the National Year of Reading, Liz Attenborough, said: "This survey shows just how much people really enjoy reading and understanding good lyrics and think about the words and meaning of songs, as well as the music.

"There are some truly inspiring lyrics in songs of past and present - if you look closely at some of the most popular lyrics, they can quite justifiably be described as modern poetry."

Robbie Williams championed the cause of modern music, trailing Abba by just 1% but the Spice Girls and fellow all-girl band All Saints pulled in 2% of the vote each and Madonna had 5%.

One 1960s great who was considered a true poet but did not make it to the top was Bob Dylan, who won 10% of the vote.

Received - Rarities from Europe 2

Hallo !
I`ve scanned some labels for You with cover versions of Beatles songs:

Baccarola was a german cheapo- label covering mostly german Schlager. They had no great experience with english- sung titles, and the (presumably) studioband featured on this side of the single is mixing up the words a bit.

Tempo was located in Munich, Germany, also concentrating on coverversions of current hits. Many of the english numbers were made by british studiobands. These four Beatlessongs were played by "The Beat Kings". By the way, a Tempo- single did cost 3.95 Deutsche Mark, a regular one 6 DM.

Another german ep- cheapo- label was Tip. These singles had a very thin sound, but again , four songs for less money. "The Ravers" was one of easily more than fifty (!) pseudonyms of the beatband "The Tonics" from Hamburg.

Seems that "The Rockernors" on Top Hit weren`t even allowed to get a proper text of "We can work it out". Again a german cheapo.

Embassy was a british label that was sold in Woolworth-stores, from the fifties until 1965 (If You are interested, read about it at http://www.embassyrecords.co.uk/index.html ). "The Typhoons" were another bunch of different sessionmen, depending on who was handy. Making mostly good sounding records, they sold a lot of them to a lot of other cheapo- labels, for example

Juke Box. But this swedish label also featured "regular" scandinavian beatbands, as well as american soul and rhythm & blues stars, even Chubby Checker coupled with the Beatles (albeit only "My bonnie" and "The Saints" from the Polydor- aera).
Danvox sounds very danish, but the label reads "Switzerland International", and it was made in Italy...- The songs featured on the backside of the cover are all in italian language, but this one seems to be an odd exception: The a- side reads "Ob- La- Di - Ob- La- Da", the singer is male and sings in english, the b- side reads "Obladi - Oblada`", and the singer is a woman singing in italian language. And the backgroundmusic on both sides is identical...

The next three singles are of british origin:
Top 6 as well as Top Six feature six songs, with of course a very thin sound, and not mentioning the musicians. I guess these were the kind of birthday gifts from good hearted relatives, that every beatfan had to fear. I am lucky, though, they do exist.

Just the same with Top Ten. Because of the line "Aral Records" on top of the label I as sume it was given away with some litres of fuel. Note that the man responsible for the production is one Peter Sterling, who was to delighten (some of) us with songs like "Beautiful Sunday" as Daniel Boone in the seventies.
At last two "proper" beatbands, that is to say no sessionmen.
From Czechoslovakia came the Crystals, playing the Peter and Gordon- hit "World without love" on the czechoslovakian label Supraphon, three years after it`s been a hit, and a year befor the Prague Spring.

The biggest danish record company was Triola, and one of the biggest acts during the sixties was Peter Belli, starting with the beatband "Les Rivals". Here he sings "Obladi, Oblada" and "Bungalow Bill" in danish.

That`s all for now,
greetings to You -
Many many thanks once more, Joe... Very cool stuff!

George Harrison - When We Was Fab

"When We Was Fab" is a song written by George Harrison and Jeff Lynne about the days of Beatlemania, when The Beatles were sometimes referred to as the "Fab Four". The song appears as the sixth track on Harrison's 1987 album Cloud Nine and was later released as the second single from that album in January 1988. In the United Kingdom, it peaked at #25 in the UK Singles Chart, and in the United States, the song peaked at #23 in Billboard magazine's Hot 100 singles chart.

Rare Beatles single...

Odeon (4C006 04598) matrix nr: 7XCE 18433 (stamped)

This single is part of the "Golden Memories"-serie. As far as we know this is the only record in this serie. It is made in France (as marked on the label) but meant for the Belgian market.

Beatles' Memorabilia

The Beatles Yellow Submarine.
Ultra rare original belgian magazine from 22 sept. 1968. Coming out every week included 2 colour page.

Yellow Submarine Eurostar

Ashford International Station 16/9/99

BBC News 1999:Yellow Submarine heads for Paris

Wednesday, August 4, 1999

Yellow Submarine heads for Paris

Former Beatles Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison are to splash out more than £100,000 to give a Eurostar train a Yellow Submarine-style makeover.
The transformation of a train on the busy London to Paris route is to mark the autumn relaunch of the 1968 Beatles animated fantasy film of the same name.

Hundreds of metres of plastic panels will be used to cover 18 carriages of the train. These will then be decorated with 400 metres of psychedelic cartoons.

A Eurostar train will have a fantasy make-over
A spokeswoman said: "It is a very interesting and exciting venture which will see a train transformed into a Yellow Submarine travelling under the Channel."

The "submarine" is not expected to make its first cross-Channel journey until after the Merseyside debut of the film, which has been digitally-enhanced for the relaunch.

The yellow train is the latest of the group's ideas to promote the re-worked film, as well as a remix of the album that accompanied it.

Both will be the centrepieces of a special millennium tribute to the Fab Four.

The film will include scenes that were edited out of the original.

The album features new mixes of songs such as With A Little Help From My Friends and Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

In May, the Beatles also announced the autumn release of a long-lost track, believed to be an out-take from the 1968 Abbey Road sessions for the film.

EMI Records is behind the promotional push for Yellow Submarine. The film has been unavailable on video for a decade.

The Yellow Submarine album and fillm are set for an autumn re-release
It is also the first time a Beatles album has ever been remixed, according to EMI.

The record company is also promoting tie-in merchandise and said to be considering hiring a real yellow submarine to sail up the River Mersey in Liverpool.

Also included in the millennium tribute project to the Beatles is a special concert in Liverpool.

Boyzone and Robbie Williams have been tipped to lead the concert where today's pop stars are set to perform the group's classic songs.

Received - Beatles' Rarities from Europe

Hallo !

- Today I found Your site: very nice and from the heart !
I haven`t seen everything on it yet, nevertheless maybe there is something I can add.

I made some (low- fi) scans of some things I own, and perhaps You`re interested.
Or even help me with one item...

First, there are three scans of the covers of the german teen magazine "Bravo", which started in the fifties and is still the most popular of its kind today, though (or because?) it`s full of the usual rubbish like "John will leave the Beatles !!" in `65...

Then I scanned a plastic postcard from Poland. The color isn`t right, it should be far more dark red, blame it on my scanner. The titles just read "Delilah" and "Lady Madonna", and after I bought it on a flea- market, I found out that these are the original versions of the Tom Jones and Beatles hits.
Because it`s hard to see, I also scanned the left upper edge.

The next item is from Russia, a twosided very thin flexidisc with the titles "Can`t buy me love", "Maxwell`s silver hammer", "Lady Madonna" and "I should have known better"- what a mix !
This one isn`t from the sixties- at least I`ve been told so.

Next, I`ve included the original cover from their german- sung single, and also the very rare one with the mispronounced "Sie Liebt Mich", which came out first, til the company realized they were sloppily wrong.

With the last scan I hope You can help me. A friend gave me the Play Boy- EP, and I tried to find out from which country and from which year it is, but I failed.
Do You know anything about it ?
On the other side are "Je tàime"- Jane Birkin and "Honky Tonk Woman"- Rolling Stones.

So, that`s it for now, I`d be delighted to hear from You -
Greets !
Joe (Germany)

Many many thanks, Joe! And read the answer you're looking for in the comments...

John Lennon Interview: New Musical Express 3/11/66

In March of 1966, John Lennon spoke with The New Musical Express about the reason for the unexpected break from work in their otherwise busy schedules. In what would be a brief but enlightening interview, he also describes his interest in electronic music and tape loops. John shares his expectation that their next album should be very different from the Beatles output to date.
The chat took place at 'a nice little caff in Soho,' and was published in the March 11th 1966 edition of NME with the teaser 'LENNON TALKS!' on the front page. Asking the questions was Chris Hutchins.

John Lennon and I tried something unusual last week - we went to lunch. Unusual for him because he never lunches out and unusual for me because I normally eat before 3:30 pm. But then journalists have to get up earlier than Beatles do. John arrived (on time) to test the new experience and we moved away in style in the luxury of his Rolls-Royce Phantom V, surveying Mayfair from behind darkened windows that allow you to see out but no one to see in. It's something like traveling in an ambulance, but ambulances are rarely fitted with TV and fridge. The phone in the back of the car hummed: 'Can't be for me,' said John, 'No one's got the number.' We arrived at the restaurant in Regent Street and John sent the car away, asking the driver to return in 90 minutes. Only when it had gone did we discover that the restaurant, where our table was booked for 3:15, closes at 3. ''Ere, it's John Lennon,' said a woman to her friend, but before her friend had turned round we were in the back of a taxi. The driver said he knew a nice little caff in Soho and that sounded better than sandwiches and tea at NEMS (the Epstein Emporium) so off we went. The place was empty and the food smelt good, though sherry in the soup was the closest we could get to alcohol at that time of day, much to the regret of our waiter. John asked for a paper serviette as he'd forgotten a handkerchief and removed his PVC mac ('Bought it in Tahiti for fifteen bob') and the Lennon interview began.

Q: "You have often said that you don't want to be playing in a pop group when you reach 30. You are now in your 26th year. The only firm date in the Beatles' 1966 diary seems to be the NME Poll Winners Concert on May 1. Is this therefore the start of the retirement process?"

JOHN: "No. We're going to Germany, America and Japan this year. It's an accident that we're not working now. We should have just had two weeks holiday after Christmas and then started on the next film, but it isn't ready and won't be for months. We want to work and we've got plenty to do - writing songs, taping things and so on. Paul and I ought to get down to writing some songs for the new LP next week. I hope he and Jane (Asher) aren't going away or God knows when we'll be ready to record. George thought we'd written them and were all ready. That's why he came dashing back from his honeymoon and we hadn't got a thing ready. We'll have to get started. There's been too much messing 'round. But I feel we've only just finished 'Rubber Soul' and I keep looking for the reviews - then I realize we did it months ago. We're obviously not going to work harder than we want to now, but you get a bit fed up of doing nothing."

Q: "Now that you've got all the money you need and plenty of time on your hands, don't you ever get the urge to do something different?"

JOHN: "I've had one or two things up my sleeve. I was going to make recordings of some of my poetry, but I'm not high-powered. I just sort of stand there and let things happen to me. I should have finished a new book. It's supposed to be out this month but I've only done one page. I thought why should I break me back getting books out like records?

Q: "Do you ever worry that the money you have won't be enough to last your lifetime?"

JOHN: "Yes. I get fits of worrying about that. I get visions of being one of those fools who do it all in by the time they're 30. Then I imagine writing a series for the 'People' saying 'I was going to spend, spend, spend...' I thought about this a while back and decided I'd been a bit extravagant and bought too many cars, so I put the Ferrari and the Mini up for sale. Then one of the accountants said I was all right, so I got the cars back. It's the old story of never knowing how much we've got. I've tried to find out but with income tax to be deducted and the money coming in from all over the place, the sums get too complicated for me, I can't even do my times table. Every now and again the accountant clears some money of tax and puts it into my account saying: 'That's there and it's all yours but don't spend it all at once!' The thing I've learned is that if I'm spending £10,000 I say to myself: 'You've had to earn £30,000 before tax to get that.'

Q: "What sort of people are your guests at home in Weybridge?"

JOHN: "We entertain very few. (P.J.) Proby was there one night and George Martin another. I think those are the only two we've specifically said 'Come to dinner' to, and made preparations. Normally I like people to drop 'round on the off chance. It cuts out all that formal entertaining business. We've just had Ivan and Jean down for a weekend - they're old friends from Liverpool, and Pete Shotton. The fellow who runs my supermarket came round on Saturday."

Q: "Is the house at Weybridge a permanent home?"

JOHN: "No, it's not. I'm dying to move into town but I'm waiting to see how Paul gets on when he goes into his town house. If he gets by alright then I'll sell the place at Weybridge. Probably to some American who'll pay a fortune for it! I was thinking the other night though that it might not be easy to find a buyer. How do you sell somebody a pink, green and purple house? We've had purple velvet put up on the dining room walls. It sets off the old scrubbed table we eat on. Then there's the 'funny' room upstairs. I painted that all colors changing from one to another as I emptied each can of paint. How do you show somebody that when they come to look the place over? And there's the plants in the bath. I suppose I could have a flat in town but I don't want to spend another £20,000 just to have somewhere to stay overnight when I've had too much bevy to drive home."

Q: "What kind of TV programs do you watch?"

JOHN: "'The Power Game' is my favorite. I love that. And next to it 'Danger Man' and 'The Rat Catchers.' Did you see that episode the other night when that spy, the clever one, shot a nun by mistake? I love that and I was so glad it happened to the clever one."

Q: "What's going to come out of the next recording sessions?"

JOHN: "Literally anything. Electronic music, jokes... One thing's for sure - the next LP is going to be very different. We wanted to have it so that there was no space between the tracks - just continuous. But they wouldn't wear it. Paul and I are very keen on this electronic music. You make it clinking a couple of glasses together or with bleeps from the radio, then you loop the tape to repeat the noises at intervals. Some people build up whole symphonies from it. It would have been better than the background music we had for the last film. All those silly bands. Never again!"

Beatles' Era - New Musical Express 1970

Unreleased Songs By The Beatles, 1968-1970

Listing all unreleased Beatles songs, arranged in order of the year they were written (Beatles compositions) or when they were first performed (cover songs).

LEGEND for available Beatles recordings
STUDIO: Studio outtake. A copy resides in the EMI archives.
DEMO: Home demo.
BBC: Recorded for the British Broadcasting Corporation. Recording date is indicated unless otherwise noted.
GBS: Get Back sessions, recorded at Twickenham Film Studios / Apple Studios, January 2-31, 1969.
LIVE: Live recording.
DECCA: Demo recorded for Decca Records.

LEGEND for unavailable Beatles recordings
BBCx: Recorded for the British Broadcasting Corporation, not aired.
LIVEx: Performed live, unavailable (specific years are indicated in brackets).
STUDIOx: Studio outtake. Tape destroyed.

LEGEND for official releases
Format: Title, year of release (catalogue number)


All Things Must Pass (Harrison)
GBS – January 2, 3, 6, 8, 28 & 29, 1969
DEMO EMI Studios – February 25, 1969*
Released by George Harrison on:
LP: All Things Must Pass, 1970 (US/UK: Apple STCH 6390)
*Released on:
CD: Anthology 3, 1996 (EMI CDP 7243 8 34451 2)

Annie (Lennon)
GBS – January 6, 1969

Another Day (P. McCartney/L. McCartney)
GBS – January 9 & 25, 1969
Released by Paul McCartney on:
45: «Another Day»/«Oh Woman, Oh Why», 1971 (US: Apple 1829, UK: Apple R 5889)

The Back Seat Of My Car (McCartney)
GBS – January 14, 1969
Released by Paul & Linda McCartney on:
LP: Ram, 1971 (US: Apple SMAS 3375, UK: Apple PAS 10003)
45: «The Back Seat Of My Car»/«Heart Of The Country», 1971 (Apple R 5914)

Brian Epstein Blues (Lennon)
STUDIO – July 19, 1968

By George! It's The David Frost Theme (Martin)
LIVE Twickenham Film Studios, Twickenham – September 4, 1968

Bye, Bye Blackbird (Henderson/Dixon)
LIVE London Airport, Heathrow – March 26, 1968

A Case Of The Blues (Lennon)
DEMO Kenwood, Weybridge – December, 1968
GBS – January 2 & 7, 1969

Child Of Nature (Lennon)
DEMO Esher, Surrey – May, 1968
as «On The Road To Marrakesh»
GBS – January 2*, 24 & 28, 1969
Released as «Jealous Guy» by John Lennon on:
LP: Imagine, 1971 (US: Apple SW 3379, UK: Apple PAS 10004)*Released in edited form on:
CD: Let It Be... Naked, 2003 (Apple/Capitol CDP 7243 5 95227 2 2)

Circles (Harrison)
DEMO Esher, Surrey – May, 1968
Released by George Harrison on:
LP: Gone Troppo, 1982 (US: Dark Horse 1-23734, UK: Dark Horse 923734-1)

Cosmically Conscious (McCartney)
Written in Rishikesh, 1968
Released by Paul McCartney on:
CD: Off the Ground, 1993 (Capitol CDP 0777 7 80362 2 7)

Dehra Dun (Harrison/Leitch)
Written in Rishikesh, India

Every Night (McCartney)
GBS – January 21 & 24, 1969
Released by Paul McCartney on:
LP: McCartney, 1970 (US: Apple STAO 3363, UK: Apple PCS 7102)

Everybody Had A Hard Year (Lennon)
Everyone Had A Hard Year (Lennon)
DEMO Kenwood, Weybridge – December 15, 1968
Incorporated into «I’ve Got A Feeling»

Give Me Some Truth (Lennon/McCartney)
Written by John and Paul, 1968
GBS – January 3 & 7, 1969
Released by John Lennon on:
LP: Imagine, 1971 (US: Apple SW 3379, UK: Apple PAS 10004)

Goodbye (McCartney)
DEMO – December, 1968
Released by Mary Hopkin on:
45: «Goodbye»/«Sparrow», 1969 (US: Apple 1806, UK: Apple 10)

How Do You Tell Someone (Harrison)
GBS – January 28, 1969

Hurdy Gurdy Man (Leitch/Harrison)
Extra verse written by Harrison, released by Donovan on:
LP: Live In Japan, 1973 (Japan: Epic ECPM 25)

Isn’t It A Pity (Harrison)
GBS – January 25 & 26, 1969
Released by George Harrison on:
LP: All Things Must Pass, 1970 (US/UK: Apple STCH 639)

Junk (McCartney)
DEMO Esher, Surrey – May, 1968*
GBS – January 9, 1969
Released by Paul McCartney on:
LP: McCartney, 1970 (US: Apple STAO 3363, UK: Apple PCS 7102)
*Released in edited form on:
CD: Anthology 3, 1996 (EMI CDP 7243 8 34451 2)

Let It Down (Harrison)
GBS – January 2, 22, 26 & 29, 1969
Released by George Harrison on:
LP: All Things Must Pass, 1970 (US/UK: Apple STCH 639)

Little Eddie (McCartney)
GBS – January 24, 1969

Look At Me (Lennon)
DEMO Queen Charlotte Hospital, London – November, 1968
Released by John Lennon on:
LP: John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, 1970 (US: Apple SW 3372, UK: Apple PCS 7124)

Not Guilty (Harrison)
DEMO Esher, Surrey – May, 1968
STUDIO – August 7-9 & 12, 1968*
Released by George Harrison on:
LP: George Harrison, 1979 (US: Dark Horse DHK 3255, UK: Dark Horse K 56562)
*Released in edited form on:
CD: Anthology 3, 1996 (EMI CDP 7243 8 34451 2)

Oh My Love (Lennon/Ono)
DEMO Queen Charlotte Hospital, London – November, 1968
Released by John Lennon on:
LP: Imagine, 1971 (US: Apple SW 3379, UK: Apple PAS 10004)

The Palace Of The King Of The Birds (McCartney)
GBS – January 6-7 & 27, 1969

Penina (McCartney)
GBS – January 9, 1969
Released by Carlos Mendes on:
45: «Penina»/«Wings Of Revenge», 1969 (Portugal: Parlophone QMSP 16459)

Picasso (Starkey)
GBS – January 3 & 14, 1969

Ramblin’ Woman (Harrison)
GBS – January 3 & 9, 1969

Saint Louis Blues (Handy)
STUDIO – July 30, 1968
GBS – January 8, 1969

Sour Milk Sea (Harrison)
DEMO Esher, Surrey – May, 1968
Released by Jackie Lomax on:
45: «Sour Milk Sea»/«The Eagle Laughs At You», 1968 (US: Apple 1802, UK: Apple 3)
LP: Is This What You Want?, 1969 (UK: Sapcor 6)

Spiritual Regeneration (McCartney)
LIVE Rishikesh, India – March 15, 1968

Taking A Trip To Carolina (Starkey)
GBS – January 3, 1969*
*Released in edited form on:
CD: Let It Be... Naked, 2003 (Apple/Capitol CDP 7243 5 95227 2 2)

Teddy Boy (McCartney)
GBS – January 9, 24, 28 & 29, 1969*
Released by Paul McCartney on:
LP: McCartney, 1970 (US: Apple STAO 3363, UK: Apple PCS 7102)
*Released in edited form on:
CD: Anthology 3, 1996 (EMI CDP 7243 8 34451 2)

Thingumybob (McCartney)
Released by John Foster And Sons Ltd. Black Dyke Mills Band on:
45: «Thingumybob»/«Yellow Submarine», 1968 (US: Apple 1800, UK: Apple 4)

What’s The New Mary Jane (Lennon/Mardas)
STUDIO – August 14, 1968* & November 26, 1969
*Released in edited form on:
CD: Anthology 3, 1996 (EMI CDP 7243 8 34451 2)

Window, Window (Harrison)
GBS – January 21, 24, 25 & 26, 1969

Tuesday (McCartney)
Unrecorded song lyrics, 1968

Blowin’ In The Wind (Dylan)
Catch The Wind (Leitch)
Happiness Runs (Leitch)
Hare Krishna Mantra (Adhikary)
Jingle Bells (Pierpont)
O Sole Mio (Capurro/Di Capua)
She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain (traditional)
LIVE Rishikesh, India – February 29, 1968

Can You Take Me Back (McCartney)*
Down In Havana (McCartney)
Los Paranoias (Lennon/McCartney/Starkey)**
The Way You Look Tonight (Kern/Fields)
STUDIO - September 16, 1968
*Released in edited form on:
LP: The Beatles, 1968 (US: Apple SWBO 101, UK: Parlophone PCS/PMC 7067-8)
**Released in edited form on:
CD: Anthology 3, 1996 (EMI CDP 7243 8 34451 2)

Cottonfields (The Cotton Song) (Ledbetter)
Goodbye Jingle (Lennon/McCartney)
Goodbye Kenny (Starkey)
Tiny Tim For President (Lennon)
A Very Vague Idea (Lennon)
STUDIO Kenny Everett interview – June 6, 1968

Gone Tomorrow, Here Today (McCartney)
You Came My Way (McCartney)
STUDIO – June 11, 1968

Heather (McCartney)
How Do You Do (McCartney)
Lalena (Leitch)
Land Of Gisch (Leitch)
Mister Wind (Leitch)
The Unicorn (Leitch)
The Walrus And The Carpenter (Carroll/Leitch)
STUDIO Trident Studios, London – November, 1968

I’d Have You Anytime (Dylan/Harrison)
Nowhere To Go (Dylan/Harrison)
DEMO Dylan home, Woodstock – November, 1968
«I’d Have You Anytime» released by George Harrison on:
LP: All Things Must Pass, 1970 (US/UK: Apple STCH 639)


Badge (Clapton/Harrison/Starkey)
Released by Cream on:
LP: Goodbye, 1969 (US: ATCO SD 7001, UK: Polydor 583-053)
45: «Badge»/«What A Bringdown», 1969 (US: ATCO 6668, UK: Polydor 2058-285)

Cold Turkey (Lennon)
DEMO – August 24, 1969
Released by Plastic Ono Band on:
45: «Cold Turkey»/«Don’t Worry Kyoko», 1969 (US: Apple 1813, UK: Apple 1001)

Come And Get It (McCartney)
DEMO – July 24, 1969*
Released by Badfinger on:
45: «Come And Get It»/«Rock Of All Ages», 1969 (US: Apple 1815, UK: Apple 20)
*Released on:
CD: Anthology 3, 1996 (EMI CDP 7243 8 34451 2)

The Day I Went Back To School (McCartney)
GBS – January 14, 1969

Games People Play (South)
STUDIO – April 20, 1969

Give Peace A Chance (Lennon)
Remember Love (Lennon/Ono)
STUDIO – May 31, 1969
Released by Plastic Ono Band on:
45: «Give Peace A Chance»/«Remember Love», 1969 (US: Apple 1809, UK: Apple 13)

Good Ol’ Air Canada (Lennon)
LIVE Sheraton Oceanus Hotel, Freeport – May 25, 1969

Hear Me Lord (Harrison)
GBS – January 6, 1969
Released by George Harrison on:
LP: All Things Must Pass, 1970 (US/UK: Apple STCH 639)

The Lovely Linda (McCartney)
STUDIO – December 1969
Released by Paul McCartney on:
LP: McCartney, 1970 (US: Apple STAO 3363, UK: Apple PCS 7102)

Madman (Lennon)
GBS – January 14 & 21, 1969

Make Love, Not War (Lennon)
DEMO Ronnie Hawkins’ House, Mississauga – December 18, 1969
STUDIO Studio Eight, Television Centre, London – February 11, 1970
Released by John Lennon as «Mind Games» on:
45: «Mind Games»/«Meat City», 1973 (US: Apple 1868, UK: Apple R 5994)
LP: Mind Games, 1973 (US: Apple SW 3414, UK: Apple PCS 7165)
Played at the Top of the Pops appearance (Feb. 11, 1970), captured on video by Tony Cox.

Across The Great River (Lennon)
DEMO – February 8, 1970
STUDIO Studio Eight, Television Centre, London – February 11, 1970
Released by John Lennon as «Remember» on:
LP: John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, 1970 (US: Apple SW 3372, UK: Apple PCS 7124)
Played to Cox on February 8, played at the Top of the Pops appearance, both captured on video by Tony Cox.

My Dark Hour (Miller/McCartney)
Released by the Steve Miller Band on:
LP: Brave New World, 1969 (US: Capitol ST-184)

Rock Of All Ages (Evans/Ham/Gibbins/McCartney)
Released by Badfinger on:
LP: Magic Christian Music, 1970 (US: Capitol ST-3364, UK: SAPCOR 12)

Rock Peace (Lennon/Ono)
Written in October, 1969, Trident Studio

Song Of Love (Brahms/McCartney)
GBS – January 14, 1969

Sunshine Life For Me (Sail Away Raymond) (Harrison)
Written while on holiday with Donovan in Ireland, 1969
Released by Ringo Starr on:
LP: Ringo, 1973 (US: Apple SWAL 3413, UK: Apple PCTC 252)

That Would Be Something (McCartney)
STUDIO – December 1969 to February 1970
Released by Paul McCartney on:
LP: McCartney, 1970 (US: Apple STAO 3363, UK: Apple PCS 7102)

Those Were The Days (trad. adpt. Raskin)
LIVE Hilton, Amsterdam – March 29, 1969

Wah-Wah (Harrison)
Written after the January 10, 1969 session
Released by George Harrison on:
LP: All Things Must Pass, 1970 (US/UK: Apple STCH 639)

Who Slapped John? (Vincent/Davis)
STUDIO – July 24, 1969

Ain’t That Cute (Harrison/Troy)
Give Me Back My Dynamite (Harrison/Doris Troy)
Gonna Get My Baby Back (Harrison/Troy/Starkey)
Jacob’s Ladder (trad. adapt. Harrison/Troy)
You Give Me Joy Joy (Harrison/Starkey/Troy/Stills)
Recorded during sessions at Trident Studios: December, 1969 – January, 1970
Released by Doris Troy on:
LP: Doris Troy, 1970 (US: Apple 1820, UK: Apple 24)

Derek Taylor, Where Are You (Lennon)
Get It Together (Lennon)
Radio Peace (Lennon/Ono)
DEMO Hôtel Reine Elizabeth, Montréal – May, 1969

Oh Yoko! (Lennon)
DEMO Freeport, the Bahamas – May 25, 1969
Released by John Lennon on:
LP: Imagine, 1971 (US: Apple SW 3379, UK: Apple PAS 10004)

Hair Piece (Lennon)
Hava Nagila (traditional)
Jerusalem Of Gold (Shemer/Newell)
Stay In Bed (Lennon)
LIVE Hilton, Amsterdam – March 1969

I Want You (Lennon/Ono)
The Maharishi Song (Lennon)
Woman Is The Nigger Of The World (Lennon/Ono)
DEMO – March, 1969
«Woman Is The Nigger Of The World» released by John Lennon on:
LP: Some Time in New York City, 1972 (US: Apple SVBB 3392, UK: Apple PCSP 716)

Get Back sessions improvisations
Title (composer) - date recorded in January 1969
All I Want Is You (Lennon) – 21
Also (Lennon/McCartney) - 29
As Clear As A Bell, Says La Scala, Milan (McCartney) – 14
Blossom Dearie They Call Me (Lennon/McCartney) – 21
Bring Your Own Band (McCartney) – 29
Bunny Hop (Lennon) - 29
Commonwealth (Lennon/McCartney) - 9
Crazy Feet (McCartney) - 25
Cuddle Up (McCartney) - 7
Definitely Inclined Towards It (Lennon) - 14
Don’t Start Running (Lennon) - 14
Early In The Morning (McCartney/Harrison) – 8
Enoch Powell (McCartney) - 9
Everybody Got A Song (Lennon) – 2
Get On The Phone (Lennon/McCartney) – 3
Get Your Rocks Off (Harrison) – 8
Hey, Hey, Georgie (Harrison/Starkey) – 23
I Left My Home In The World (McCartney) - 26
I Told You Before (Harrison) – 26, 27
I Will Always Look For You (McCartney) – 28
I’m Going To Knock Him Down Dead (Lennon) – 8
I’m Gonna Pay For His Ride (McCartney) – 6
If You Need Me (McCartney) - 23
Is It Discovered? (Harrison) – 3
Is That A Chicken Joke? (Lennon) – 21
It Blew Again (Lennon) – 23
It Was So Blue (McCartney) – 26
It’s Good To See The Folks Back Home (McCartney) - 2
Life Is What You Make It (Lennon) – 8
Love Is The Thing To Me (Preston) - 23
Lowdown Blues Machine (McCartney) - 7
Mr. Epstein Said It Was White Gold (McCartney) - 7
My Imagination (McCartney) – 6
My Rock And Roll Finger Is Bleeding (Lennon) - 21
My Words Are In My Heart (Lennon) – 3
Negro In Reserve (Lennon/McCartney) - 3
Oh Baby I Love You (McCartney) - 14
Oh How I Love The 12-Bar Blues (Lennon) – 21
Oh Julie, Julia (McCartney) - 7
On A Sunny Island (Lennon/McCartney) - 10
Over And Over Again (McCartney) - 3
Pillow For Your Head (McCartney) – 24
Quit Your Messing Around (Lennon) - 9
The River Rhine (McCartney) - 28
San Ferry Ann (McCartney) - 21
Shakin’ In The Sixties (Lennon) – 9
She Gets Heavy (Lennon) – 29
Sorry I Left You Bleeding (Lennon) – 25
Sorry Miss Molly (McCartney) - 29
Suzy’s Parlour (Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starkey) – 9
Talking Blues (McCartney) - 14
The Teacher Was A-Lookin’ (Lennon) - 2
Tell All The Folks Back Home (McCartney) – 8
They Call Me Fuzz Face (McCartney) – 6
Together In Love (Preston) - 23
Through A London Window (McCartney) – 10
Unless He Has A Song (Preston) - 28
Watching Rainbows (Lennon) – 14
We’re Goin’ Home (McCartney) – 2
Well It’s Eight O’Clock (Lennon) – 25
Well, If You’re Ready (McCartney) – 8
Well, Well, Well (McCartney) - 21
White Power (Lennon/McCartney) - 9
William Smith Boogie (Lennon) - 21
Woman Where You Been So Long (McCartney) - 7
You Got Me Going (McCartney) - 8
You Got To Give Back (McCartney) – 21
You Wear Your Women Out (McCartney) – 6
You Won’t Get Me That Way (McCartney) - 27
Your Name Is Ted (Harrison) - 3

Get Back sessions cover songs never released by the Beatles
Title (composer) - date(s) recorded in January 1969
Ach, Du Lieber Augustin (traditional) – 24
Agent Double-O-Soul (Starr) - 26
All Along The Watchtower (Dylan) - 3
All Shook Up (Blackwell/Presley) - 3
Almost Grown (Berry) – 8, 24
Around And Around (Berry) - 24
At The Hop (Medora/Singer/White) - 6
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep (traditional) – 8, 9
Baby Blue (Vincent/Jones) – 9
Baby Come Back (Grant) – 13
Baby Let’s Play House (Gunter) - 26
The Ball Of Inverary (traditional) - 24
The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde (Murray/Callander) – 8
Barbara Ann (Fassert) - 9
Be Bop A Lula (Davis/Vincent) – 7, 9
Bear Cat Mama (Davis) - 31
Besame Mucho (Velazquez/Shaftel/Skylar) - 29
Big Hunk Of Love (Schroeder/Wyche) - 31
Black Dog Blues (traditional) – 31
Blowin’ In The Wind (Dylan) - 3
Blue Suede Shoes (Perkins) – 3, 26*
Blue Yodel No. 1 (T For Texas) (Rodgers) - 28
Bo Diddley (McDaniel) – 7, 28, 29
Boogie Woogie (Smith) – 8
Brazil (Aquarela Do Brasil) (Barroso/Russell) – 10
Bring It On Home To Me (Cooke) – 3
Bring It To Jerome (McDaniel/Green) – 21
Brown-Eyed Handsome Man (Berry) – 2, 24
Build Me Up Buttercup (McCauley/D’Abo) - 13
Bye Bye Love (Bryant/Bryant) - 25
Cannonball (Hazlewood/Eddy) – 25, 29
Carol (Berry) – 22
Catch A Falling Star (Vance/Pockriss) - 10
Cathy’s Clown (Everly/Everly) - 24
Chopsticks (de Lulli) - 3
Cocaine Blues (Arnall) - 14
C’mon Everybody (Cochran/Capeheart) - 10
C’mon Marianne (Brown/Bloodworth) - 6
Crackin’ Up (McDaniel) - 3
Crying, Waiting, Hoping (Holly) - 29
Danny Boy (trad. adpt. Weatherly) - 30
Daydream (Sebastian) - 21
Death Cab For Cutie (Stanshall/Innes) - 14
‘Deed I Do (Hirsch/Rose) - 31
Diggin’ My Potatoes (Brown) – 24
Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling (Tiomkin/Washington) - 26
Domino (Kaye/Ferrari/Plante) – 8
Donna (Valens) - 9
Don’t Be Cruel (Blackwell/Presley) - 10
Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying (Greene) - 26
Early In The Morning (Darin/Harris) – 25
Everything’s Alright (Preston) - 23
F.B.I. (Marvin/Welch/Harris) – 7, 8
Figero, Figero (Rossini) - 8
First Call (Behn) – 7
Five Feet High And Rising (Cash) – 21, 31
Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart (Clement) - 14
The Fool (Clarke) – 8, 21
Fools Like Me (Clement/Maddux) – 6, 8
Forty Days (Berry) – 21
Frère Jacques (traditional) - 6
Friendship (Porter) - 31
Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellen Bogen By The Sea (Hoffman/Manning/Wayne) - 21
Gimme Some Lovin’ (Winwood/Winwood/Davis) - 27
God Save The Queen (traditional) - 30
Going Up The Country (Wilson) – 3, 22
Gone, Gone, Gone (Perkins) - 7
Good Rockin’ Tonight (Brown) – 9, 21
Great Balls Of Fire (Hammer/Blackwell) - 26
Green Onions (Cropper/Jackson/Steinberg/Jones) – 24
Groovin’ (Cavaliere/Brigati) - 10
Hallelujah, I Love Her So (Charles) – 21
Happiness Runs (Leitch) - 23
A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall (Dylan) - 25
Hare Krishna Mantra (trad. arr. Adhikary) - 8
Harry Lime (Third Man Theme) (Karas) - 3
Hava Nagila (traditional) - 27
Hello, Dolly (Herman) - 14
Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh (Ponchielli/Sherman/Busch) – 8
Hey Good Lookin’ (Williams) - 31
Hey Liley, Liley Lo (trad. arr. Whyton) - 24
Hey Little Girl (In The High School Sweater) (Blackwell/Stevenson) - 29
High Heel Sneakers (Higginbottom) – 10, 21, 27
High School Confidential (Lewis/Hargrave) – 6, 26
The Hippy Hippy Shake (Romero) - 3
Hitch Hike (Gaye/Stevenson/Paul) – 3, 9
Honey, Hush (Turner) – 8, 9
Honky Tonk (Butler) - 29
House Of The Rising Sun (trad. adpt. Price) - 9
How Do You Think I Feel (Walker/Pierce) - 8
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Jagger/Richards) – 24
I Got Stung (Schroeder/Hill) – 10, 31
I Got To Find My Baby (Berry) - 29
I Shall Be Released (Dylan) – 2, 7, 22
I Threw It All Away (Dylan) – 9
I Walk The Line (Cash) – 29
I Want To Thank You (Preston) - 23
I Want You (Dylan) - 6
I’m A Man (McDaniel) - 21
I’m A Tiger (Scott/Wilde) – 3
I’m Beginning To See The Light (Ellington) - 21
I’m Into Something Good (Goffin/King) – 21
I’m Ready (Lewis/Bradford/Domino) – 21, 22
I’m Talking About You (Berry) – 6, 10, 25
I’ve Been Good To You (Robinson) - 3
I’ve Got Rings On My Fingers (Bells On My Toes) (Weston/Scott/Barnes) - 7
In The Middle Of An Island (Acquaviva/Varnic) – 21, 31
It Ain’t Me Babe (Dylan) - 6
It’s Only Make Believe (Twitty/Nance) - 10
Jenny, Jenny (Johnson/Penniman) - 9
Jo Jo Gunne (Berry) - 28
Johnny B. Goode (Berry) – 14, 22
Knee Deep In The Blues (Endsley) - 24
Lady Jane (Jagger/Richards) - 14
Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Price) - 26
Leaning On A Lamp-Post (Gay) - 6
Let’s Dance (Sheridan/Lee) – 6, 21
Let’s Twist Again (Mann/Appell) – 23
Like A Rolling Stone (Dylan) - 26
Little Demon (Hawkins) – 24, 27
Little Piece Of Leather (Elbert) - 26
Little Queenie (Berry) - 21
Little Yellow Pills (Lomax) – 25, 26
Lonely Sea (Usher/Wilson) - 24
Loop De Loop (Hart/Lucas) – 6
Lost John (traditional) - 31
Lotta Lovin’ (Bedwell) – 7, 29
Louie Louie (Berry) - 6
Love Is A Swingin’ Thing (Dixon/Owens/Denson) – 24
Love Story (Newman) - 24
Lucille (Penniman/Collins) – 3, 7
MacArthur Park (Webb) - 8
Mack The Knife (Weill) - 10
Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues (Roberts/Katz/Clayton) – 2, 29*
Malagueña (Lecuona) - 8
Mama, You Been On My Mind (Dylan) - 9
Maureen (Dylan) - 6
Maybe Baby (Petty/Holly/Hardin) – 29
Maybellene (Berry/Freed/Fratto) - 24
Michael Row The Boat Ashore (Fisher) - 24
Midnight Special (Prisoner’s Song) (trad. arr. Ledbetter/Lomax) - 3
The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo) (Dylan) - 2
Milk Cow Blues (Arnold) - 21
Miss Ann (Johnson/Penniman) – 26
Moon River (Mercer/Mancini) - 31
Move It (Samwell/Brown) – 9
Mr. Bass Man (Cymbal) – 8
My Baby Left Me (Crudup) - 21
My Back Pages (Dylan) - 7
New Orleans (Guida/Royster) - 21
Not Fade Away (Hardin/Petty/Holly) – 29
On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever) (Lerner/Lane) - 14
On The Road Again (Jones/Wilson) – 3, 13, 25
One Night (Bartholomew/King/Domino) - 7
One Way Out (?) - 8
Ooh! My Soul (Penniman) – 30
Over The Waves (Rosas) – 8
Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag (Brown) - 21
Party (Robinson) - 31
The Peanut Vendor (Sunshine/Gilbert/Simons) - 10
Peggy Sue Got Married (Holly) - 29
Please, Mrs. Henry (Dylan) - 3
Positively 4th Street (Dylan) - 28
A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody (Berlin) – 3, 30
Queen Of The Hop (Harris/Darin) - 21
A Quick One While He’s Away (Townshend) - 10
Rainy Day Women #s 12 & 35 (Dylan) – 28
Ramrod (Casey) - 24
Reach Out, I’ll Be There (Holland/Dozier/Holland) - 23
Right String, Wrong Yo-Yo (Berryman) – 6, 8, 31
Rip It Up (Blackwell/Marascalco) – 26*
Rock-A-Bye Baby (Canning) - 24
Rock Island Line (Ledbetter) - 24
Rule, Brittania (Thomson/Arne/Mallet) – 7, 29
S.O.S. (?) - 26
Sabre Dance (Khachaturian/Roberts/Lester/Wilson) - 3
Saint Louis Blues (Handy) - 8
San Francisco Bay Blues (Fuller) - 14
Save The Last Dance For Me (Pomus/Shuman) – 22, 27
School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell) (Berry) – 7, 24
Send Me Some Lovin’ (Marascalco/Price/Blackwell) - 6
Shake, Rattle And Roll (Calhoun) – 26*
Shazam! (Eddy/Hazlewood) – 23, 25, 28
She Said Yeah (Williams) - 24
Short Fat Fanny (Williams) – 3, 24
Shout (Isley/Isley/Isley) – 7, 8, 21
A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues - 7
Singing The Blues (Endsley) – 24, 29
Sleep On, Otis (?) - 13
Slippin’ And Slidin’ (Penniman/Bocage/Collins/Smith) - 9
Soldier Of Love (Lay Down Your Arms) (Cason/Moon) - 24
Some Other Guy (Leiber/Stoller/Barrett) – 22, 29
Somethin’ Else (Cochran/Sheeley) – 7, 21
Soul Finger (King/Cauley/Alexander/Jones/Cunningham/Caldwell) - 8
Speak To Me (Lomax) – 2, 7
Stand By Me (King/Leiber/Stoller) – 8, 24
Sticks And Stones (Turner) - 28
Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again (Dylan) - 7
Sure To Fall (In Love With You) (Perkins/Claunch/Cantrell) - 6
Sweet Little Sixteen (Berry) – 8, 24
(Take Another) Piece Of My Heart (Ragovoy/Berns) – 3, 25
Take These Chains From My Heart (Rose/Heath) - 27
Take This Hammer (traditional) – 14, 25, 31
Tales Of Frankie Rabbit (?) – 31
Tea For Two Cha-Cha (Caeser/Youmans) – 3, 28
Tennessee (Perkins) – 9
That’ll Be The Day (Holly/Allison/Petty) – 9
That’s All Right (Crudup) – 6, 21
Theme From The Beatles Cartoons – 10
Thirty Days (Berry) – 6, 7
Three Cool Cats (Leiber/Stoller) – 3, 29
Tiger Rag (traditional) – 24
To Kingdome Come (Robertson) – 7, 8
Torchy The Battery Boy (Leigh) – 3
The Tracks Of My Tears (Robinson/Moore/Tarpin) – 6, 25, 26
True Love (Porter) – 8
Turkey In The Straw (Old Zip Coon) (Farrell/Dixon) – 31
Twelfth Street Rag (Bowman) – 31
Twenty Flight Rock (Cochran/Fairchild) – 23
Use What You Got (Preston) – 23
Vacation Time (Berry) – 29
The Walk (McCracklin/Gorlic) – 27
Watch Your Step (Parker/Belmonte) – 21
The Weight (Robertson) – 3
Well, All Right (Holly/Allison/Petty/Mauldin) – 2
What Am I Living For (Jay/Harris) – 8
What Do You Wanna Make Those Eyes At Me For? (McCarthy/Johnson/Monaco/Levin) – 3
What The World Needs Now Is Love (Bacharach/David) – 7
What’d I Say (Charles) – 7, 24
What’s The Use Of Getting Sober (When You Gonna Get Drunk Again?) (Meyers) – 3
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (Olcott/Graff/Ball) – 21
When You’re Drunk You Think Of Me (?) – 3
Where Have You Been All My Life (Mann/Weil) – 24
Whispering (Coburn/Rose/Schonberger) – 21
Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On (Williams/David) – 3
You Are My Sunshine (Davis/Mitchell) – 21
You Can’t Catch Me (Berry) – 24
You Win Again (Williams) – 8
You’re So Good To Me (Love/Wilson) – 24
(You’re So Square) Baby I Don't Care (Leiber/Stoller) – 7
You’ve Been Acting Strange (Preston) – 23
You’ve Got Me Thinking (Lomax) – 21
Your True Love (Perkins) – 3
*Released in edited form on:
CD: Anthology 3, 1996 (EMI CDP 7243 8 34451 2)


O Kristelighed (Grundtvig)
LIVE Tony Cox’s Farm, Aalborg – January 5, 1970

Glasses (McCartney)
Momma Miss America (McCartney)Valentine Day (McCartney)
STUDIO – January-February 1970
Released by Paul McCartney on:
LP: McCartney, 1970 (US: Apple STAO 3363, UK: Apple PCS 7102)

Oo You (McCartney)
Kreen-Akrore (McCartney)
STUDIO – February 10-20, 1970
Released by Paul McCartney on:
LP: McCartney, 1970 (US: Apple STAO 3363, UK: Apple PCS 7102)

Maybe I’m Amazed (McCartney)
STUDIO – February 22, 1970
Released by Paul McCartney on:
LP: McCartney, 1970 (US: Apple STAO 3363, UK: Apple PCS 7102)

Man We Was Lonely (McCartney)
STUDIO – February 25, 1970
Released by Paul McCartney on:
LP: McCartney, 1970 (US: Apple STAO 3363, UK: Apple PCS 7102)

That's All, Folks...

BBC News 1999: Submarine buoys Beatles week

Wednesday, August 25, 1999

Submarine buoys Beatles week

Thousands of Fab Four fans are coming together for an extra special International Beatles Week.

The annual music extravaganza regularly attracts huge numbers to Liverpool, the Beatles' hometown. But this year there is added interest with the premiere of the revamped Yellow Submarine movie - the week's highlight.

The Fab Four sailing the seas of green.

The Beatles' 1968 animated fantasy adventure has been digitally remastered, along with its soundtrack, through a collaboration between Apple Corps, EMI and MGM.

In its honour, the city's traditional Mathew Street Festival has been revived and dubbed the Yellow Submarine Festival for 30 August.

Every bar, pub, club and restaurant within 500 yards - and beyond - of the street, home of the Cavern Club, will come alive to eight hours of non-stop live Beatles music and events.

The screening of the renovated film will round off a day of music at the city's Philharmonic Hall in the evening.

Star attraction.

Mike Storey from the city council said the whole of Liverpool was looking forward to the week ahead.

"We are very proud and excited to be welcoming the world to this celebration of the Beatles and their music.

"Thirty years ago, through Yellow Submarine, the Beatles sent a message of peace and love around the globe.

The evil Meanies are the villains of the film.

"Now, in the last summer of the century, Liverpool is ready to be part of relaunching that positive message through Yellow Submarine Day."

Organisers of Beatles Week say that the re-release of Yellow Submarine has increased the number of visitors for this year's event.

Hotels have been booked up for months and the day itself is expected to draw up to 200,000 into the city centre.

"When you look back to when the film was first made it was a landmark in film-making, story-telling and music," said Steve McGriskin of Liverpool's Cavern City Tours.

But even without the Yellow Submarine, the annual celebration of the Fab Four is for many fans irresistible.

Full festival agenda.

The music extravaganza kicks off in London's Covent Garden with a party at the Rock Garden. But on 26 August, the scene switches to the band's home town for six days of Beatlemania.

Tribute bands from countries including Argentina, Brazil, Norway and Poland will entertain the thousands of people that traditionally converge on the city.

Mathew Street: Centre of the festivities.

While other events this year include a Paul McCartney tribute concert at the the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) - the Liverpool fame school he helped found.

Then 40 years of the Casbah Club in the West Derby area of Liverpool, where the Beatles held their earliest gigs before the Cavern, will be toasted with a party hosted by former Beatle Pete Best.

But the week's festivities will undoubtedly come to a head with Yellow Submarine Day.

Tickets for the premiere of the movie, which includes previously unseen footage cut from the original 1968 film, are said to be sold out.

International Beatles Week runs from 25-31 August. The movie and album are released on 14 September.

Liverpool Celebrates Beatles Day

Starting this year, Liverpool will celebrate July 10 as Beatles Day. The day marks the 44th anniversary of the band’s triumphant return home after their first American tour.
Event promoter Chas Cole explains:
“Liverpool has always been proud of The Beatles and it’s a wonderful idea to combine an annual celebration of their music with a fund-raising drive for charity.
“Beatles Day will really be about the ordinary people of this city, and hopefully in the future, cities in the UK and beyond because we want this idea to catch on, from Liverpool to London to Los Angeles.” - Chas Cole
Celebrations include (surprise surprise) lots of tribute concerts. Beatles-style mop-top wigs are on sale everywhere, with proceeds going to charities including Alder Hey Imagine Appeal and Liverpool Unites.

Paul McCartney talks about LSD

Here’s a brief video clip of Paul McCartney talking about drug use in The Beatles. He claims that John Lennon was excited by LSD, but that he himself was frightened.
The interview is followed by a promotional video of The Beatles playing Day Tripper - a song that Paul admits was written about LSD.

Beatles' Era - Oh! Calcutta!

John Lennon's participation in the stage play, Oh! Calcutta!, and some background information on the controversial production.

This notorious stage play by Kenneth Tynan featured full-frontal nudity by both sexes and sexually explicit dialogue. Tynan, who was born in 1927, was one of Britain most influential theatre critics and at one time was the literary manager of the National Theatre. His name became associated with controversy in the sixties when he became the first person ever to use the word fuck live on British television. Tynan died in 1980.

Oh! Calcutta! proved just as shocking to the public, who considered it another example of the permissive sixties. Tynan asked a number of celebrities, including John Lennon, to contribute a small sketch to the play. John wrote a skit about masturbation, based on a time in his boyhood when he would masturbate in the company of friends, during which they call out the name of movie actresses

Paul McCartney (and Barry Miles) openly discussed this group masturbation in the book, Many Years From Now:

For boys in their mid-teens, most of their sex education came from their peers: skewed anatomical knowledge, improbable dirty jokes, stories of dubious authenticity about girls they barely knew, and of course, masturbation circles. John crowd tended to meet at Nigel Whalley house in Vale Road, near Menlove Avenue. Nigel played tea-chest bass with The Quarrymen until he abandoned his instrument in the road one day while trying to escape from two Woolton teddy boys. He took on the role of managing The Quarrymen instead. His father was a chief superintendent, head of Liverpool Police A Division, whose duties meant that his teenage son was often left alone in the house at night.

Says Paul: "We used to have wanking sessions when we were young at Nigel Whalley house in Woolton. We stay overnight and we all sit in armchairs and we put all the lights out and being teenage pubescent boys, we all wank. What we used to do, someone would say 'Brigitte Bardot' 'Oooh!' That would keep everyone on par, then somebody, probably John, would say 'Winston Churchill' 'Oh, no' and it would completely ruin everyone concentration.

(John later took the experience and used it as the basis for his skit, Four In Hand, in Kenneth Tynan Oh! Calcutta! Tynan copped out and substituted the Lone Ranger for John original Winston Churchill; nor did he follow John suggestion that they should actually masturbate on stage.

Pete Shotton also mentions the group masturbation in his book, John Lennon In My Life:

"During our first year at Quarry Bank, John and I got into the habit of tossing off in the bushes on the way home from school. We also enlisted our entire gang in a few mutual masturbation sessions, giving us all the opportunity to compare sizes and shapes. Lest any reader get the wrong impression, our fantasies, at least, were strictly heterosexual.'Right, boys', someone would venture.' Who should we do it to today?' Whereupon we all take turns calling out the names of well-known sex goddesses, each name spurring us on to new heights of ecstasy as we furiously pommeled our hard-ons. John choice was almost invariably Brigitte Bardot, except on one memorable occasion when he shouted out 'Winston Churchill', instantly sending us into a fit of hysterics, which in turn rather deflated the proceedings.

Oh! Calcutta! premiered at the Eden Theatre in New York City on June 17, 1969, after thirty-nine preview performances. It began to run as revival productions in 1974 and is still performed today, making it one of the longest running plays in the history of the theatre. Still considered controversial for its nudity over thirty years after its debut in the late sixties, Oh! Calcutta! serves as a reminder of just how far the creative artists of that time were pushing the envelope in regard to morality and pervading cultural values

Following is John complete sketch from Oh! Calcutta!

FOUR IN HAND by John Lennon

Four chairs, backs to the audience. Facing them, a large projection screen divided into four sections, one for each chair. Three men impatiently waiting. A doorbell rings

1: There he is now. I told you he make it. (He opens the door.)

George enters: he wears a fedora

1: If you're going to join the group, George, you have to remember we always start on time
George: Sorry I'm late, fellas
2: We don't like people breakin' the rules, George
George: I already said I'm sorry
3: Look--We gonna talk, or we gonna jerk off?
1: Ok, let get started. This is your seat, George. Now this (pointing to screen) is a new kind of machine--a telepathic thought transmitter. Whatever you think about flashes on the screen. Now the rules of the game are this: all of us think of things to jerk off to--until somebody comes--and the first guy who comes has to stop everybody else from coming. Got it?
George: Got it
1: All right. Let give it a try. Whatever comes to mind, George

1 goes to his seat. George sits between 2 and 3. Rhythmic music starts. Images start to flash rhythmically on the screens. The men arms start to move rhythmically in front of them. The screens facing 1, 2 and 3 show Hollywood and Playboy-type pinups. George screen remains blank. The rhythm builds up while screens 1, 2 and 3 are all pulsating with glamorous women. Suddenly, we hear the strains of the William Tell Overture, and during a crash of cymbals, a picture of the Lone Ranger flashes on George screen. All screens go blank and all four men stop masturbating

3: What the fuck was that?
1: What are ya tryin' to do, George?
2 (rises, adjusting his pants): I told you not to invite outsiders
George: I'm sorry, fellas, it just the first thing that came into my mind
2: We haven't had a vacancy in six months, George! Harvey only left because he got a divorce
3: How you like a silver bullet up your ass?
1 (walking to George): You sure you're all right, George?
George: I'm fine, thanks
1: All right, let try it again

They all sit down again

1: And cut the horseshit, George

The music starts again and the images start to flash. They are slightly more nude than before--close shots of breasts and bottoms. By trial and error, the four screens begin to form a composite picture. George is dutifully collaborating. Finally, at the height of the rhythm, screen facing 1 shows a nude model head, screen facing 2 shows her breasts, screen facing 3, her legs. Pause. The recumbent image of the model is almost complete. Suddenly the strains of the William Tell Overture are heard again with another image of the Lone Ranger on George screen

George (exultantly): Aha! A-a-a-a-ah!

He rises. His screen continues to flash the Lone Ranger. With one jabbing sweep of his arm, he flashes Lone Ranger pictures on the other screens as the music builds. As each image flashes, 1, 2 and 3 lose their concentration completely and give up the contest

George (turns as he goes to exit): See you next week, fellas
1: Get the fuck outta here!!!

Sound of four whistling gunshots as each remaining screen blacks out.

The End

John and Paul

Beatles' Memorabilia

Beatles record case

Record case for 16 singles, with a colour picture of the Beatles on the front. Manufactured by Pye Records Ltd, 1960s.
Includes an application form for the Top Six Record Club, which reads:

I wish to join the TOP SIX record club please send free club card and membership badge to:-

Application form to join the Top Six Record Club

Unreleased Songs By The Beatles, 1965-1967

Listing all unreleased Beatles songs, arranged in order of the year they were written (Beatles compositions) or when they were first performed (cover songs).

LEGEND for available Beatles recordings
STUDIO: Studio outtake. A copy resides in the EMI archives.
DEMO: Home demo.
BBC: Recorded for the British Broadcasting Corporation. Recording date is indicated unless otherwise noted.
GBS: Get Back sessions, recorded at Twickenham Film Studios / Apple Studios, January 2-31, 1969.
LIVE: Live recording.
DECCA: Demo recorded for Decca Records.

LEGEND for unavailable Beatles recordings
BBCx: Recorded for the British Broadcasting Corporation, not aired.
LIVEx: Performed live, unavailable (specific years are indicated in brackets).
STUDIOx: Studio outtake. Tape destroyed.

LEGEND for official releases
Format: Title, year of release (catalogue number)


Belle Of The Ball (Anderson)
LIVE Twickenham Film Studios, Twickenham – April, 1965

Etcetera (McCartney)
Written for Marianne Faithfull, 1965
STUDIOx Demo – August 20, 1968

If You’ve Got Trouble (Lennon/McCartney)
STUDIO – February 18, 1965
Released on:
CD: Anthology 2, 1996 (EMI CDP 7243 8 34448 2)

Saturday Jump (composer unknown)
BBC Saturday Club – November 29, 1965
BBC Saturday Club – May 2, 1966

That Means A Lot (McCartney)
STUDIO – February 20 & March 30, 1965
Released on:
CD: Anthology 2, 1996 (EMI CDP 7243 8 34448 2)
Released by P.J. Proby on:
45: «That Means A Lot»/«Let The Water Run Down», 1965 (US: Liberty 55806, UK: Liberty 10215)

12-Bar Original (Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starkey)
STUDIO – November 4, 1965
Released in edited form on:
CD: Anthology 2, 1996 (EMI CDP 7243 8 34448 2)

The Art Of Dying (Harrison)
Lyrics completed in 1966 and contained reference to Brian Epstein, released by George Harrison on:
LP: All Things Must Pass, 1970 (US/UK: Apple STCH 639)

Hold On, I’m Comin’ (Lennon)
DEMO – 1966

Love In The Open Air (McCartney)
A Theme From The Family Way (McCartney)
Released by the George Martin Orchestra on:
45: «Love In The Open Air»/«A Theme From The Family Way», 1966 (UK: Decca F 12536)

Woman (McCartney)
GBS – January 14, 1969
Released by Peter & Gordon on:
45: «Woman»/«Wrong From The Start», 1966 (US: Capitol 5579, UK: Columbia DB 7834)

1967 All Together On The Wireless Machine (McCartney/Everett)
BBC Where It’s At – (broadcast) November 25, 1967

Anything (McCartney/Starkey)
STUDIO – February 22, 1967
Also known as «Drum Track (1)» (length: 22:10)

Carnival Of Light (Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starkey)
STUDIO – January 5, 1967
«Untitled» on the EMI tape box (length: 13:48)

Christmas Time (Is Here Again) (Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starkey)
STUDIO – November 28, 1967
Released in edited form on:
Flexi-disc: «Christmas Time Is Here Again», 1967 (US: Fan Club, UK: Lyntone Records)
CD: Free as a Bird, 1995 (EMI C2 7243 8 58497 2).

Jessie’s Dream (Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starkey)
DEMO – 1967
Background music from the film Magical Mystery Tour

Jumping Round The Room (McCartney)
Precursor to «All Together Now»

See Yourself (Harrison)
Written in response to Paul’s LSD announcement, 1967
Released by George Harrison on:
LP: Thirty Three & 1/3, 1976 (US: Dark Horse DH 3005, UK: Dark Horse K 56319)

She’s Walkin’ Past My Door (Lennon)
DEMO – Spring, 1967

Shirley’s Wild Accordion (Lennon/McCartney)
STUDIO – October 12, 1967

Step Inside Love (McCartney)
DEMO Cavendish Ave., England – November, 1967
STUDIO (first take) – November 21, 1967*
STUDIO – September 16, 1968**
GBS – January 31, 1969
Released by Cilla Black on:
45: «Step Inside Love»/«I Couldn’t Take My Eyes Off You», 1968 (US: Bell 726, UK: Parlophone R 5674)
*Released by Cilla Black on:
CD: The Abbey Road Decade 1963-1973, (UK: EMI-70532)
**Released in edited form on:
CD: Anthology 3, 1996 (EMI CDP 7243 8 34451 2)

Untitled (Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starkey)
STUDIO – May 9, 1967
A one take, 16-minute instrumental

Untitled (Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starkey)
STUDIO – June 1 & 2, 1967
Unnumbered takes, instrumental jams

Breakdown (Lennon/Starkey)
Chi Chi’s Bar (Lennon/Starkey)
Daddy’s Little Sunshine Boy (Lennon/Starkey)
Doctor Story (Lennon)
Down In Cuba (Lennon)
Down In Eastern Australia I Met Her (Lennon)
I’d Like To Take You Down A Peg (Lennon)
Latin Song (Lennon)
Mellotron Improvisations (Lennon)
Pedro The Fisherman (Lennon)
Stranger In My Arms (Lennon)
The Tale Of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle (Potter)
DEMO Kenwood, Weybridge – 1966-1968

Beatles' Music Sheets - 4

30 Music Sheet Covers S to Y (last series) (.rar file 1.02 MB)