Received - Beatles' Rarities from Europe

Hallo !

- Today I found Your site: very nice and from the heart !
I haven`t seen everything on it yet, nevertheless maybe there is something I can add.

I made some (low- fi) scans of some things I own, and perhaps You`re interested.
Or even help me with one item...

First, there are three scans of the covers of the german teen magazine "Bravo", which started in the fifties and is still the most popular of its kind today, though (or because?) it`s full of the usual rubbish like "John will leave the Beatles !!" in `65...

Then I scanned a plastic postcard from Poland. The color isn`t right, it should be far more dark red, blame it on my scanner. The titles just read "Delilah" and "Lady Madonna", and after I bought it on a flea- market, I found out that these are the original versions of the Tom Jones and Beatles hits.
Because it`s hard to see, I also scanned the left upper edge.

The next item is from Russia, a twosided very thin flexidisc with the titles "Can`t buy me love", "Maxwell`s silver hammer", "Lady Madonna" and "I should have known better"- what a mix !
This one isn`t from the sixties- at least I`ve been told so.

Next, I`ve included the original cover from their german- sung single, and also the very rare one with the mispronounced "Sie Liebt Mich", which came out first, til the company realized they were sloppily wrong.

With the last scan I hope You can help me. A friend gave me the Play Boy- EP, and I tried to find out from which country and from which year it is, but I failed.
Do You know anything about it ?
On the other side are "Je tàime"- Jane Birkin and "Honky Tonk Woman"- Rolling Stones.

So, that`s it for now, I`d be delighted to hear from You -
Greets !
Joe (Germany)

Many many thanks, Joe! And read the answer you're looking for in the comments...

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Anonymous said...

The Play Boy EP seems to come from Iran.
Thanks for a fab site!