Due to the Xmas holidays...

...the updates of the BVM will be reduced in next days. Please be patient and have a good time!

Meanwhile, enjoy once more the mythical Beatles' Chrismas Records Collection!

The Beatles' Christmas Record
Recorded at EMI Studios 17 October 1963

Another Beatles' Christmas Record
Recorded at EMI Studios 26 October 1964

The Beatles' Third Christmas Record
Recorded at EMI Studios 8 November 1965

Pantomime: Everywhere It's Christmas
Recorded at Dick James House Studio 25 November 1966

Christmas Time Is Here Again
Recorded at EMI Studios 28 November 1967

Happy Christmas 1968
Recorded November-December 1968

Happy Christmas 1969
Recorded November-December 1969


srcstcbstrd said...

On behalf of all of us out here who thoroughly enjoy your blog and all the work you've done - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
If we feel we're going through a withdrawal we'll understand.

Sister Ray said...

Yes. I second that e-motion. While I contemplate the entire impact of the season, both the spiritual and the secular come to mind. If Scrooge was right, then one way to keep the Christmas spirit all year round is to listen to these beyond December. And somewhere within this--the ephemeral nature of it all, a digital present that cannot be wrapped in a bow and yet is possible for Santa to download into every stocking. The only part of the biblical that I still like is the creche scene. Something about the gifts of the Magi resonates with me: gold, frankincense and myrrh. Now I think there should have been a fourth Wise Man, with Beatles singles.