Beatles in Phillipines (1966)

From Beatles Anthology DVD.

What really happened (collected from various sources):

- It was 1966. No martial law yet (would be declared in 1971).
- The Beatles toured the Philippines.
- The band performed at the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium.
- The band had a day off.
- Imelda Marcos called The Beatles management/staff to invite the band to play in the MalacaƱang Palace, together with the children.
- The Beatles management turned down the invitation.
- Beatles management did NOT inform the four Beatles members themselves of the invitation.
- "Beatles snubbed Marcos" news circulated the next day.
- British government called up manager Brian Epstein questioning the band's/management's decision to turn down the Marcoses' invitation.
- Brian Epstein attempted to pacify the angry people by making a public statement of apology on national TV. But coincidentally, the airing was shut off/turned into static noise because of some airing problems.
- Riot ensued. People manhandled the Beatles at the airport

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