Memorabilia - The Beatles Record Player

This is considered by most collectors to be the ultimate piece to own of all commercial Beatles memorabilia. The 4-speed 17-1/2" x 10" x 6" NEMS record player was manufactered in 1964 and only 5000 were made. Very few survived, making it the most sought after item of Beatles memorabilia. So far only one or two mint or near mint units have turned up - the majority that have surfaced are in worn condition.
The colorful 20" x 11" x 7" packing box is even rarer, only a couple are known to exist. An owners manual was also included (pictured below). The serial numbers were on a piece of cardboard attached to the inside lid, and in most cases this has fallen off or is missing. The value has nearly doubled in the last three years for upper condition players, selling then from $1500 to $2000 and now in 1997 for $3000 and up, when they can be found.

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