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A Hard Day's Write
by Steve Turner

ISBN Number 0-316-91212-3
Printing Year 1994 - First Edition
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The first pop performers to write their own material, the Beatles raised the quality of song-writing beyond the banal to stand alongside the greats of the golden age of song, Gershwin, Porter, and Berlin. Their lyrics are among the most analysed in pop history.

Rock music journalist Steve Turner reveals the true tales behind the Beatles' songs. Not hearsay, opinion or sensation - but the truth as revealed through in-depth interviews with the real-life subjects of the songs and the people who were at the heart of the Beatles world.

The Beatles have been in the bloodstream of our culture for the past 30 years. Pivotal figures in the history of popular music, they were the first major pop performers to write their own material. Many of their songs are now accepted as pop classics.
But how did the Beatles come to write their songs, and what inspired them ? A Hard Days Write provides the answers to these questions and reveals for the first time the true stories behind the lyrics, beginning with the songs in the group's first compliation in 1963, Please Please Me and ending with their final collaboration, Abbey Road. Rock music journalist, Steve Turner, author of a recent highly praised biography of Van Morrison and a long time Beatles admirer, has tracked down and interviewed the real-life subjects of the songs, such as the anonymous girl in "She's Leaving Home", to discover how they became to be part of music history. He has searched through public records and newspaper archives. He has also talked in depth to people who knew the Beatles to unearth stories that have never before been made public. Illustrated with over 200 photographs A Hard Days Write, breaks new ground in Beatles literature and in the process explodes many well-worn myths. It provides a unique insight into the Beatles personal world and identifies the concerns and preoccupations which shaped some of the worlds best known pop songs.

Review :
An excellent book that discovers all the origins of every Beatle tune.
The people in the songs, the stories, the real-life subjects.

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