John Lennon - BBC Tonight

John is interviewed and reads excerpts from his book A Spaniard In The Works on BBC Tonight.
Lennon is doing some verbal riffing on the General Election of 1964, won by the Labour Party, led by Harold Wilson ["Harris Wilsard"], who became Prime Minister. The losers were the Tories ["Tall trees"], led by Sir Alec Douglas-Home ["Sir Alec Doubtless-Whom"], who owned large estates in Scotland.
The leader of the Trade Unions ("Trade Onions") was Frank Cousins ["Frenk Cummings"], who became a minister in Wilson's government, and was a member of Parliament for the constituency of Nuneaton ["none eating, thank you"]. The previous member for Nuneaton was Frank Bowles ["Frunk - only 62 - Vowels"]. (Not more than 1 in 1000 of Lennon's readers would have known that fact, even at the time).
Outspan ("withoutspan") were suppliers of South African oranges.

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