Beatles Rock Band gets artwork, two-singer rumor

Fans of the fab four and video games have plenty to celebrate, as the official box art for Beatles Rock Band has been revealed, and rumors abound that the title will allow two singers on certain tracks!

GoNintendo has culled a rumor from the May issue of Game Informer that may mark a major shift in Rock Band song possibilities. According to the "Loose Talk" gossip section of the magazine, The Beatles: Rock Band will allow multiple singers on songs, in order to better replicate the harmonies brought forth by the Fab Four. The rumor bit also mentions the possibility of user-created downloads in future Rock Band titles.
On the confirmed front, Kotaku debuted the box art for the standalone and bundled versions of The Beatles: Rock Band. You can get a nice look at a pastiche of all the covers on Kotaku, or hit up the Amazon pages for each version to get a higher resolution image of each game separately.
The Beatles: Rock Band will release on September 9th on the Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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