Is Paul McCartney dead? Magical Mystery Tour clues...

Magical Mystery Tour came with an original 24 page booklet in the LP. Which now a days is impossible to find unless you have an old copy. So we have place pictures from that booklet so you can follow along if you need help with the clues.
The front cover was quite an eye- opener for clues. The most obvious thing is that all four Beatles are dressed in animal costumes. Foremost is the black walrus, which is Paul. The black again is symbolic again of death and the walrus was a bad element of Viking hunters. For if they saw a dead walrus at the start of their journeys they would turn back because of its negative symbolism.

The yellow stars spelling out Beatles should also be examined. If the cover is held to a mirror and the largest stars connected and read from the mirror, one can see seven digits: a phone number. According to how you hold the cover, whether upside down or not, these three phone numbers are agreed on their appearing: 834-1735, 483-5317 and 237-7038. It was common in the fall of 1969 to call these numbers in London and it was rumored that you'd get a funeral parlor; or two, you would get an angry old lady whom you have awakened from her sleep at 3 am; or three, the strangest story of all, as reported in a Washington, DC underground paper and simultaneously in a rumor sheet circulating the music business in New York. It was that you would get someone answering the phone who would claim to be Billy Shears.
After quizzing the caller on the Beatles trivia, he would promise to send you tickets to Pepperland. It was reported that three Michigan students receive such tickets in the mail with the inscription ADN on the envelope. Apparently the stamps on the envelope, which the receiver was instructed to lick, were laced with LSD, because one of the Michigan students did lick them and jumped from the window to his death. The second student claimed to have already been to Pepperland in the Caribbean Sea and was returning there on the upcoming November 27. The third student when queried just laughed. By the way if you call these numbers today they're all out of service. The Magical Mystery Tour album contains a 24-page booklet which contains some startling clues.

537-1438 the phone number to the M and D Comapny?

Paul's Black Peddals wizard Cap

Picture from inside the booklet from Magical Mystery Tour, of Paul sitting at a desk. The plaque in front of Paul says, I Was

Another cool picture from the 24 page booklet. The police men standing on a head stone, that has been pushed over. The doctors behind the Beatles representing the doctors that tried to save Paul;s life. With that many doctors no wonder he died.

The sign "The best way to go is by M&D company" That is a funeral home in London, that if you called the phone number from the front cover of the album, they would answer the phone.

A drawing from the booklet where the L from hill splits Paul head open.

On pages 12 and 13 there is a photo of the Beatles again with Paul being barefoot. This time however we are treated to the sight of his shoes. Look closely: his shoes are stained with blood. Some argue that the red is just a runoff from the printing error on the drum but we can easily see the shade of red is much different and if it was simply a printing error it would have been corrected on later copies. The stains are still on current pressings. The drum has a message for us too: written on the drum is the message, “love the three Beatles.” We all know there are four Beatles, unless of course...

Close up of the drum "Love the 3 Beatles" and Paul's blood cover shoes.

Everyone's favorite scene appears on page 23 with the Beatles decked out with white tuxedos. Notice that Paul has on the black carnation while the others are wearing red. The Beatles said that, “We ran out of red ones and happen to find a black one backstage.” Did you know how rare black carnations are? Not likely that one would be found lying around. The only other black or dead flowers are in fact being handed to Paul by the girl on the left of the picture.

Last picture from the booklet, notice again Paul with a hand over his head, the blessing of the dead. For whatever reason Paul was the one who always had a hand over his head, no shoes on his feet, black walrus outfit, black carnation the list goes on and on. In almost every Beatle picture Paul is doing something to draw attention to him. Paul always wanted to stand out and look different than the other Beatles.


Anonymous said...

Stand a mirror up on the words on the drum and it says ONE DIED.

Anonymous said...

No, it says: 1 One IX He ^ Die ----- 11 9 He ^ Die (or Nov. 9 He ^ Die). The ^ is an arrow pointing up to Paul (Sir Paul, the new Beatle) and down to the grave. And yes, the Beatles spokesman on air said it was a grave, then changed the subject. But later same interview added that Paul was now on holiday and -- disjointedly -- added "Tuesday-Wednesday morning, 4 or 5 in the morning". Though the song with that time ("Wed. morning at 5 o'clock") officially is about another event, it seems therefore to be a cryptic reference to the Paul death in that line. Congrats, Sir Paul, for doing a great job. Both of you and the other 3 are my favourite modern music. :)