Received: "And I Love Her"


Love your Beatles blog, and would like to say thank you for some of the great stuff you have posted there.

One thing caught my eye, in reference to your write-up of the U.S. Rarities album, wherein you speculate about the extended ending on "And I Love Her", that it may be a Capitol invention.

I can report to you that in 1979, I bought a cassette copy of the soundtrack to A Hard Day's Night on the United Artists label, and that it contained this curiousity. This puzzled me, because a previously-bought copy of this on Stereo LP did not have such an ending.

So, if anything, it may have been a UA creation, and not a Capitol one, as this was some four or five years before it surfaced on Rarities. Additionally, I do not believe that Capitol had yet bought the rights to release the UA album at that time, because I remember first seeing the soundtrack on the Capitol label somewhere around 1987 or so, just a couple of years before it was superseded by Capitol in favour of the British catalogue.

Hope you find this helpful,

Glenn R. Lockhart.

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