Received: Beatlesart!

Hey Beatle Fans!
This beautiful print of The FAB 4 was given to me about 10 years ago
from a friend who spent many years in San Fransisco and collected very cool stuff.
There are a few thing I know about the piece, and some that I'm not clear about...maybe you can help.
I've thought about putting it on ebay, but need more facts.
What I know:
* It's 8x8 on heavy stock
* (c) 1967 MILLER SIRKIA
* Printed with awesome DayGlo Ink. (looks great under blacklight!)
* The piece was reproduced in the S. Calif. edition of the famed San Fransisco
underground newspaper THE ORACLE, along with an interview with George Harrison.
I know this, because I have the paper too.
* It is in terrific condition.
What I was told:
* The art was designed as a promo for the possiblity that the Beatles were going to
play the MONTERRAY POP FEST. Paul McCartney was on the board for the fest,
so there was a real chance they might play.
* There were only 1000 of these reproduced in 1967
What I don't know/would like to find out:
*WHO is the Artist(s)? - MILLER SIRKIA typed at the bottom of the art.
I can't find anything out about the artist, any help in this regard would be wonderful!

Thank You!
"Java" John

Many thanks, John!

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Unknown said...

The artist is Johnny Miller, according to my large poster version of this. I also can't find out much else about him.