The Beatles UK Tape Cassettes Re-arranged Track-listings - Revolver vs. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

EMI originally issued the Beatles UK albums on cassette with re-arranged running orders, the excuse being the apparent need to have two sides of equal length - to avoid the problem of listeners stopping the tape at the end of one side and turning over to start mid-way through the opening track on the reverse (and presumably, and more importantly for EMI, to save on tape!). But this hardly justified what was, in some cases, track orders that were totally unrecognizable from the original vinyl editions that the Beatles and their Producer George Martin had carefully sequenced in an order that they felt best presented their work.

The revised track orders were originally compiled with 8-track cartridges in mind, these housed four tape loops of 'programmes' and each loop had to be of equal length. Why the cassettes had the same running order as the 8-tracks could be put down to laziness/convenience - By joining the first and second 8-track loop order on one side with the third and fourth on the other, they'd have guaranteed two sides of equal length without the need to work out a less drastic odd-swap or two for the cassette version.


A Side
1. Good Day Sunshine [B1]
2. And Your Bird Can Sing [B2]
3. Doctor Robert [B4]
4. Want To Tell You* [B5]
5. Taxman [A1]
6. I'm Only Sleeping [A3]
7. Yellow Submarine [A6]
B Side
1. Eleanor Rigby [A2]
2. Here, There And Everywhere [A5]
3. For No One [B3]
4. Got To Get You Into My Life [B6]
5. Love You Too [A4]
6. She Said She Said [A7]
7. Tomorrow Never Knows [B7]
*Titled incorrectly on at least one version of the "Revolver" cassette inlay, it should be "I Want To Tell You"

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

The first Beatles cassette ever issued and the running order on the tape was identical to the album.
Unlike on both the CD and the 1987 cassette version, the original and gold versions of this cassette include a version of the "Sgt.Pepper Inner Groove" that was NOT artificially repeated and then faded - on these cassettes you hear it once only, this is how it would have been heard on the original master.

Original 1968 pressings of the Sgt.Pepper tape appeared with the distinctive Parlophone logo as shown above. In 1969 the Parlophone logo was changed, it was now placed inside a black box with the EMI logo above it (see below)

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