She Screwed You ... Yeah Yeah Yeah!!

Tom Hanks is being dragged into the middle of a legal war over The Beatles.

Tom's wife, Rita Wilson, just had to have a 1962 vintage Beatles poster priced at $75,000 as a gift for Hanks.
According to legal papers filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Wilson agreed to ante up -- provided the seller, Melissa Pearl, coughed up a certificate of authenticity. When Pearl came up dry, Wilson said she would bail on the deal.

That's when Pearl, "became belligerent" demanding not only the $75k but an additional $300,000 "for what Pearl absurdly characterized as her time and trouble to obtain the evidence requested by Wilson that the poster was authentic."
Wilson wants a judge to declare she can legally walk from the deal. P.S. -- according to the suit, Wilson was overpaying in the first place ... it's good to be rich.

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