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I was visiting your site, and found it quite interesting. I have been collecting Beatles since the autumn of '63. The collection includes just about everything I've been able to put my hand on, including (of course) records, bootlegs, books, magazines, posters, programmes, newspaper clippings and also a huge collection of original photos dating from the sixties and onwards (including the solo years). You do have a lot of categories on your site, so I thought I might be able to add a bit to the virtual museum. I have enclosed a few files with some things I hope you will be able to use.
If you are interested, please let me know what you're looking for -I'm pretty sure I can help you, and if you need anything specific I'll send you a photo or make you a scan.

I have been fortunate enough to meet Paul and Linda a few times, so I also include one of the pictures from a great night at Abbey Road studios in september 1985. Paul was recording Spies Like Us at AIR studios at the time, but on this particular night he was doing some overdubs at Abbey Road studios for a remix of the song. The remix later appeared on the 12 inch single.

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