The Beatles Book Sixties Editions CD-ROM

Reposted under requests (new links)

This CD-Rom contains all 77 editions of the legendary The Beatles Book magazine, which were published between 1963 and 1969. Every pictures, every articles are included. A monitor set to 1024x768 is required to view the pages at their original size.
This project was made for all the Beatlepeople who never had the chance to obtain these fab magazines originally. I for one was hunting these copies for decades and know how difficult it is to get them all. At last now everybody can enjoy and study the best magazine set ever published on the liverpudlians.

PART 1: here PART 2: here PART 3: here PART 4: here PART 5: here

Warning: .dcr files! Download only if you can open it!!!


Anonymous said...

i can't open any of the .dcr files : /

the family cat said...

Neither can I-never heard of these

Anonymous said...

According to http://filext.com/file-extension/DCR the *.dcr file is a "Kodak Digital Camera Raw Image File"; specifically, "Raw image format for some Kodak digital cameras. Raw images are basically the data as it comes directly from the CCD detector in the camera. Raw files can also contain text information about the picture and conditions in the camera when the picture was taken."

If you have a Kodak Digital camera, you already may have a program which can open the files.

If not, IrfanView--a free image viewing program with some editing capabilities--claims to be able to open *.dcr files among many other file formats. I'm still downloading the first Beatles Book file, so I haven't been able to see if these will display (or not), but IrfanView says it should. [See NOTE below]

IrfanView is available for free at: www.irfanview.com .

NOTE: It appears that all the Beatles Book files are linked together so that one must download all the files before any one can be extracted.

Anonymous said...

After downloading all the files and testing to open one with IrfnaView, I find that it CANNOT open the files.

Also, there are some setup and autorun files, as if these were files on a CD. They do not want to run citing a missing MOVIES folder.

You can look into one folder and fine the Beatles Christmas greetings (as *.mp3 files), so it's not a total loss to download this.