Beatles' Era - Twiggy’s 60th birthday

‘World’s first supermodel” Twiggy’s 60th birthday is all set to be marked with a public display of pictures narrating the story of her life. ‘Twiggy: A Life in Photographs’ will celebrate the occasion by displaying more than 20 snaps starting September 19 - her birthday at London’s National Portrait Gallery. The exhibition will run to March 24.
It has been known that a book celebrating Twiggy’s 60th birthday, 'Twiggy: a Life in Photographs', will be published by the National Portrait Gallery this year.

Cecilia Joicey of the National Portrait Gallery says, ‘Twiggy has worked with leading portrait photographers from Cecil Beaton and Bert Stern in the 1960s to Steven Meisel in the 1990s and Annie Leibovitz in the 21st century, and combining these iconic images with her insights will provide a rare glimpse into the life of the world’s first supermodel.’
The iconic photograph of Twiggy and her bob cut by Barry Lategan will be on display, as will more recent portraits by Bryan Adams and Sølve Sundsbø.

“Over my career I’ve had the privilege of working with many great photographers. I’m very excited to see so many of these portraits coming together at the National Portrait Gallery and in my new book,” the Telegraph quoted her as saying.
“It’s really interesting to see how fashion photography and portraiture have evolved throughout my career. I hope that this display and book will give people the opportunity to see these pictures that have captured definitive moments in my career,” she added.

Twiggy was born Lesley Hornby in London in 1949 and is married to the actor Leigh Lawson.Twiggy became the first prominent teenage model at 16, and was known for her large eyes, long eyelashes and thin build.

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Anonymous said...

I remember how popular Twiggy was back in the 60s and I am not sure that there has been another Supermodel that has gained the same amount of iconic status as she has...AND she still looks great.