Beatles For Sale?

After all that fuss last week, how have The Beatles re-releases done in their second sales stretch? (And their first full-week sale)?

Vanished completely from the Top Ten, and struggling. Rubber Soul is bested by the 42-weeks-on-chart James Morrison album; Help barely able to outsell Robbie William's Greatest Hits.

They're still selling, but in nothing like the numbers the shipping figures suggest EMI was expecting.


Anonymous said...

don't buy cd's no more, waiting for the iTunes downloads

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the upgrades to be released (due in time for Christmas)
William Campbell.

MBO said...

2.25 million in 5 DAYS with 16 titles in the Billboard top 50.

All from a band who broke up over 40 years ago.

Yeah..those Beatles sure are "slipping"....