Apple @ 45 rpm: The Us Singles List

Apple by Numbers: U.S. Single Releases

2276 Hey Jude/Revolution
The Beatles

Issued originally with the "Capitol logo" b-side
and a black sleeve (with no hole in the middle) which
stated "The Beatles on Apple." All Apple records
from this point on which did not have picture sleeves
were issued in black Apple sleeves with a hole in the
middle stating either "The Beatles on Apple" or simply
"Apple." This first Apple single was released in mono,
as were most singles of the day. The industry moved
toward stereo singles being the norm within six months,
but this was not the case...yet. The 2000 series was
Capitol's main series of singles, which the Beatles as
a group (and two solo singles) were still contracted to
be part of. Apple's singles series started with 1800.
Copies can be found with or without various bits of
information on the label.
1800 Thingumybob/Yellow Submarine
John Foster & Sons Ltd. Black Dyke Mills Band

Originally, it seems that Apple was to be given its
own set of matrix numbers. The first few Apple singles
have a matrix number in the 70000's marked out and a
new matrix number in the 46000's written in its place.
This single was the only one by Foster. The A-side is
a Lennon-McCartney compostion. Copies can be found
which credit the authorship to McCartney-Lennon. Apropos
enough since Paul wrote the song and produced the record.
Copies pressed in Los Angeles for a time showed "Yellow
Submarine" as the A-side (unsliced side) of the record.
This is a mono record.

1801 Those Were the Days/Turn Turn Turn
Mary Hopkin
Mary sang the a-side in English, French, Spanish, Italian,
and I believe German. The US issue was, of course, the
English issue. A big hit to start Mary's career. Produced
by Paul McCartney. This is a mono record.
1802 Sour Milk Sea/The Eagle Laughs at You
Jackie Lomax

Of Apple's first four, which were released together, 1800
is the hardest to find, followed by this first single by Jackie
Lomax. The A-side was to be reissued at a later date when
his album (Is This What You Want?) was issued. This is
a mono record. The a-side was written by George Harrison.
1803 Maybe Tomorrow/Daddy's a Millionaire
The Iveys
The Iveys were soon to become Badfinger. This single
did not sell well, perhaps their only Apple single that did
not. This is a mono record.
1804 Road to Nowhere/Illusions

Trash's first single, and not an easy one to find. Trash
recorded several singles for Apple, none of which were
strong sellers.
PRO-4671/4672 Road to Nowhere/Road to Nowhere

The B-side was the normal 5:07 in length, but the A-side
was trimmed for radio to 3:06.
1805 Carolina In My Mind/Taking It In
James Taylor
Apple's first stereo single, in February of 1969. For
reasons unknown, the b-side was immediately withdrawn.
The word "stereo" is not found on the label. All of these
copies have a misspelled a-side title. (see below)
PRO-4675 More Apples Radio Co-Op Ads
Modern Jazz Quartet and James Taylor
This one-sided single contains a blank Capitol-logo label
on the b-side. The a-side contains 60 second spots for
the upcoming James Taylor and MJQ albums. The title
suggests that there was a previous release of this type,
but none has surfaced so far.
1805 Carolina In My Mind/Something's Wrong
James Taylor

The first issue of the promo and commercial singles
wrongly show the title as "Carolina On My Mind." Later
copies list the album title and number on the label. The
first issues also do not say "stereo" on the label. This
was quickly corrected. Later copies credit the publisher
as Blackwood Music. Early copies say "Apple Music."
The promo copy is labeled "PRO-1805" instead of the
usual "P-1805."
1806 Goodbye/Sparrow
Mary Hopkin

Apple's first official double-A-side, and the first Apple
record to feature a full-fledged picture sleeve. "Goodbye"
was written by Paul and is credited to Lennon-McCartney.
A demo exists of Paul singing this song for Mary.
2490 Get Back/Don't Let Me Down
The Beatles with Billy Preston

The first Beatles single to be issued in stereo in the US.
In England, the single was issued in mono. First copies
of this single on the west coast fail to list the times.
2531 Ballad of John and Yoko/Old Brown Shoe
The Beatles

In case you didn't notice, all Apple records from this
period can be found with a variety of label styles. Capitol
itself was in the process of switching labels and had not
yet decided how they wanted the print. For example,
some copies of this single can be found with STEREO in
large letters. On other copies from the same factory, the
word is found in small print. The single was issued with
a picture sleeve, notable because Yoko Ono appears with
the Beatles in both photographs.
Another Beatles single, right on the heels of "Get Back"
1807 New Day/Thumbin' a Ride
Jackie Lomax

This is one of the hardest to find of all Apple commercial
singles. Although a stereo record, not all labels indicate
1808 That's the Way God Planned It/What About You?
Billy Preston
Billy's first Apple single, although he had recorded "Get
Back" with the Beatles earlier in the year. This is a mono
single, and some later copies indicate so on the label. Later
copies also may give the album title and number on the label.
The single was issued with a picture sleeve depicting Billy
holding his hands to his headphones as he sings loudly into
a microphone.
1809 Give Peace a Chance/Remember Love
Plastic Ono Band/Yoko Ono
John's first single without Paul, George, or Ringo. The a-side
was recorded live in a motel room; the b-side was recorded in
England. The a-side became an anthem for the late sixties.
Issued with a picture sleeve, which has been counterfeited.
1810 Hare Krishna Mantra/Prayer to the Spiritual Masters
Radha Krishna Temple (London)

A nice single, actually.

2654 Something/Come Together
The Beatles
First pressings from Jacksonville, IL have the Capitol logo b-side
and strange print overall. Copies of Capitol albums (including
Abbey Road) pressed at around this time have the 'strange'
print. A monster single, whose a-side and b-side both made it
to #1 (if you compare charts).
1811 Golden Slumbers-Carry That Weight/Trash Can

Some copies separate the a-side titles with a slash. Other
copies use "and".
1812 Give Peace a Chance/Living Without Tomorrow
Hot Chocolate Band
The a-side wasn't near the success for them as it was for the
Plastic Ono Band. This is a mono single.
1813 Cold Turkey/Don't Worry Kyoko
John Lennon
This single is rare with the Capitol logo label. Some copies
of the single were defective, skipping at one point and sounding
like "Cold Tea." Issued with a black "x-ray" picture sleeve
that has been widely counterfeited. The PS was rare before
1981, when numerous copies were discovered.
1814 Everything's All Right/I Want to Thank You
Billy Preston
Billy's newest single, not issued with a picture sleeve this time.
1815 Come and Get It/Rock of All Ages
Some copies have the Capitol logo label. This was Badfinger's
first monster hit, written and produced by Paul McCartney and
from the upcoming film "The Magic Christian."
1816 Temma Harbour/Lontano Dagli Occhi
Mary Hopkin
Mary's next, issued with a white PS depicting Mary wearing a
floppy hat. This is a mono single.
1817 All That I've Got/As I Get Older
Billy Preston

Billy didn't have much success with this record or the album
it comes from. First pressings credit the publisher as Capitol
Music. Later copies correctly show Apple Music. Issued with
a black PS showing Billy's face from the side.
P-1818 Instant Karma!/-
John Ono Lennon
A one-sided promotional single for John's newest release. The
b-side label is all black with no writing.
1818 Instant Karma!/Who Has Seen the Wind?
John Ono Lennon/Yoko Ono Lennon

This single was a hot seller. Some copies have the Capitol
logo. Yoko's contribution has some nice poetry to it. Issued
with a PS depicting John on one side and Yoko on the other,
with newly cut hair.
1819 How the Web Was Woven/(I) Fall Inside Your Eyes
Jackie Lomax
Issued with a picture sleeve.
2764 Let It Be/You Know My Name
The Beatles

The b-side is in mono, which most copies note. Stereo had
certainly become the norm, though, because an "S" (for stereo)
was etched into the matrix and was crossed out on some
copies. The single is the George Martin mix of "Let It Be."
The single was issued with a PS which resembles the album
PROMO 1970 Dialogue From the Beatles' Motion Picture "Let It Be"
The Beatles
White label; one sided. The b-side has a blank label and is grooved.
Fakes exist which do not have machine stamped symbols in the
1820 Ain't that Cute/Vaya Con Dios
Doris Troy
Doris released two singles for Apple. This was the first. Her
singing was good even if sales were bad.
1821 Govinda/Govinda Jai Jai
Radha Krishna Temple (London)

The Radha Krishna Temple releases another spiritual, this time
with the Capitol logo and a PS depicting Krishna.
PRO-5013/5014 Govinda/Govinda Jai Jai
Radha Krishna Temple (London)

The a-side was edited to 3:18 from the regular single's 4:45 on
this promo single. This is a mono promo.
SPRO-5067/5068 Govinda/Govinda
Features a 3:24 edit and the 4:45 regular version of the song.
This song apparently did not suffer from lack of promotion.
2832 Long and Winding Road/For You Blue
The Beatles
Issued posthumously with PS. Capitol logo copies are tougher
to find. Another hit to end the Beatles' collective career.
1822 No Matter What/Carry On Till Tomorrow

Badfinger's next hit single, featuring songs from their upcoming
album, "No Dice."
1823 Que Sera Sera/Fields of St. Etienne
Mary Hopkin
1824 Jacob's Ladder/Get Back
Doris Troy
Doris Troy's last Apple single.
2969/1826 Beaucoups of Blues/Coochy-Coochy
Ringo Starr

The actual record number is 2969, in the Capitol order, of course.
However, Western copies of the blue PS show the catalog number
mistakenly as 1826. Can be found with Capitol logo.
1825 Think About Your Children/Heritage
Mary Hopkin

Mary bounced back right away with this single, which fared better.
Issued with a PS. 2995 My Sweet Lord/Isn't It a Pity
George Harrison
A double-A-side, and what a hit it was. George's first Apple single,
first in a string of hits. Issued with a PS.
1826 My Sweet Lord/Little Girl
Billy Preston
Right on the heels of George's version came Billy Preston's version,
sung in his own special style.
1827 Mother/Why
John Lennon POB/Yoko Ono

John's lament about his mother Julia is the a-side of this mono
single. Later copies say 'MONO' on the label. Issued with a rare
PS showing the front cover shots to the two Plastic Ono Band
albums (John's and Yoko's).
1828 What Is Life?/Apple Scruffs
George Harrison

Another big hit for George from All Things Must Pass. Issued
with a PS.
OYB-1/GM-1 Open Your Box/Greenfield Morning
Yoko Ono
White label promo. "Made Specially for Yoko Ono" on label.
Allegedly, only 6 copies were made. The a-side wound up as
Hirake on the Fly album, although it was released in England
as the original b-side of "Power to the People".
PRO-6193/6194 Another Day/Oh Woman, Oh Why
Paul McCartney

A mono promo of Paul's latest hit.
1829 Another Day/Oh Woman, Oh Why
Paul McCartney

Paul was again proving himself successful. John referred
to this song as muzak.
1830 Power to the People/Touch Me
John Lennon POB/Yoko Ono POB

John's next anthem song. Issued with a cool PS.
1831 It Don't Come Easy/Early 1970
Ringo Starr

A chart-topping hit and a commentary on the ex-Beatles
situation by the world's greatest drummer. Issued with a
1832 Try Some, Buy Some/Tandoori Chicken
Ronnie Spector

Ronnie was definitely better with the Ronettes than with
this George Harrison tune. George later stripped her
vocal from the recording and added his own. Issued with
a PS. The L.A. factory had been pressing Apple singles
with a star on the a-side since about the time of "Cold
Turkey." This was the last Apple single which bore the
P-1833 Name of the Game/Name of the Game

This single is rumored to exist. If it does not exist, then
there is no single 1833.
PRO-6240/6241 Sour Milk Sea/(I) Fall Inside Your Eyes
Jackie Lomax

Mono promo version of the following single.
1834 Sour Milk Sea/(I) Fall Inside Your Eyes
Jackie Lomax

Two of Jackie's singles were reissued back to back.
1835 God Save Us/Do the Oz
Bill Elliot & Elastic Oz Band
Issued with PS. This single was written and plugged
by John and Yoko in an effort to save the controversial
Oz magazine.
1836 Bangla Desh/Deep Blue
George Harrison

As the lyrics indicate, the song was written to indicate
the situation of struggling East Pakistan (Bangla Desh).
The live album would come out of this thought.
1837 Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey//Too Many People
Paul & Linda McCartney

From Paul's new Ram album. Another hit. Promo
copies exist with the songs in mono. Single exists as
a double-A-side also.

1838 Joi Bangla + 2
Ravi Shankar
Issued with PS.
1839 Midsummer New York/Mrs. Lennon
Yoko Ono POB

A custom label single from Yoko, featuring tracks from
her new album, Fly.
1840 Imagine/It's So Hard
John Lennon
A double-A-side from John's newest album, Imagine.
A hot seller, for which John and Yoko made an album
video. Later copies of this single have the label green
instead of white and sport the saying that begins
"All rights reserved."
1841 Day After Day/Money
Yet another hit from Badfinger, off of their latest album,
Straight Up. A white label promo exists.
S45X-47663/47664 Happy Xmas (War Is Over)/Listen, the Snow Is Falling
John & Yoko and the POB with the Harlem Community Choir

White label, black vinyl promo with APPLE in large
1842 Happy Xmas (War Is Over)/Listen, the Snow Is Falling
John & Yoko and the POB with the Harlem Community Choir
Green vinyl. Issued with a PS showing the choir. First
issues have a custom label showing John's face blending
into Yoko's (in stages). Later issues have a regular apple
1843 Water, Paper, and Clay/Streets of London
Mary Hopkin
Although issued later, LA copies of this record have been
verified to exist with a star on the a-side.
PRO-6498/SPRO-6499 F is Not a Dirty Word/Ballad of New York City
David Peel and the Lower East Side
The a-side was edited for promotional use. The version on
David's album is NOT edited. The a-side is in mono.
1844 Baby Blue/Flying
Another hot single by Badfinger. Issued with PS this time.
Promo copies have white labels.
1845 Sweet Music/Song of Songs
Lon & Derrek VanEaton
Their only single from their only Apple album. Issued with
PS. They were supposed to have had another single,
Sun Song/Mr. Business Man, but this was never pressed,
unless as a promo.
This number was never used, but was probably intended for a John and
Yoko single: Luck of the Irish/Attica State, from their Some Time in
NYC album. It may have been intended also for the following single.
PRO-6545/6546 Hippie From New York City/Ballad of New York City
David Peel and the Lower East Side
Maybe people would play this if the a-side weren't so
controversial? Didn't work. No commercial copies were
issued. In fact, Peel had two promo singles on Apple,
but no commercial singles.
1847 Give Ireland Back to the Irish/Give...Irish (version)

Paul's first attempt to eliminate the Apple from his records'
labels. This single featured a custom shamrock label. Issued
with a title sleeve (with hole).
1848 Woman Is the Nigger of the World/Sisters, O Sisters
John Lennon POB with
Elephants Memory and Invisible Strings/Yoko Ono
Custom "faces" label. Issued with PS.
1849 Back off Boogaloo/Blindman
Ringo Starr
Ringo was really getting in to T.Rex at about this time and liked
the "boogie" sort of music. "Blindman" refers to a film in which
Ringo appeared. The record was released with a blue Apple label,
Ringo's color of choice. The PS for the record is slightly
different at each of the Capitol factories, coming in black, grey,
and matte varieties. Reissued with regular green Apple labels.
A white label promo exists.
1850 We're On Our Way/Supersoul
Chris Hodge
First of two singles for Hodge. This one came with a white PS.
1851 Mary Had a Little Lamb/Little Woman Love
Yes, this is the nursery rhyme. Another "Wings" single that
wasn't selling up to Beatles standards, even with two videos.
The single follows Paul's trend of custom labels. The first issue
came in a PS that listed the A-side only. When it was decided that
the B-side should also be promoted, it was added to the reverse of
the PS. This second sleeve is more rare.
1851 Mary Had a Little Lamb/Little Woman Love
Paul McCartney
White label promo. Note the change in artist name from "Wings"
to "Paul McCartney."
1852 Saturday Night Special/Valse de Soleil Coucher
Sundown Playboys

This mono single was the only Apple release by the group.
1853 Now or Never/Move on Fast
Yoko Ono
An "urgent" single from Yoko, with the Lennons' favored white
Apple label. With PS depicting massacre.
1853 Now or Never/Move on Fast (?)
Yoko Ono
Whereas the A-side of the regular single times at 4:05, the
promo copy, also on the custom label, times at 3:59. The
single doesn't have the P prefix, but the master number has
a DJ suffix and the label has promotional markings.

1854 Liberation Special/Madness
Elephant's Memory
This EM single was issued with a PS depicting
the cover to their Apple album. This is a mono single.
1855 Knock Knock, Who's There/International
Mary Hopkin

Mary was getting ready to leave Apple for good. This
was her last single on the label.
This number was never issued but may have been reserved for
"Everglade Woman" by Elephant's Memory. Acetate copies of the
(unnumbered) single exist.
1857 Hi Hi Hi/C Moon
Custom red label, in keeping with Paul's tradition of
avoiding the apple. Both are interesting songs.
The a-side is a story of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
The b-side is a teenager's analysis of the generation
1858 Goodbye, Sweet Lorraine/Contact Love
Chris Hodge

It was "goodbye Chris" from the Apple label after this
single. Not even a PS.
1859 Death of Samantha/Yang Yang
Yoko Ono
A regular Apple label for Yoko. Was she going soft?
Reportedly, this number was reserved for the leadoff single from
George's new album, Living In the Material World. It was never
1861 My Love/The Mess
Paul McCartney and Wings

Paul claims top billing and scores. By this time,
critics were seriously complaining about Paul's
soppy ballads. He was laughing all the way to
the bank. Once again, a custom label instead of
a regular apple. A white label promo copy exists,
which contains a minimal amount of information.
1862 Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)/Miss O'Dell
George Harrison
George's new single was picked wisely. A big
hit for an ex-Beatle in favor with the public. The
a-side was, of course, George's plea to God for
peace and other things. The b-side is a song
written for Chris O'Dell, who worked at Apple.
On the 2nd verse, George mistakingly says that
"rice" (rather than "night") is "rolling on right up
to my front porch." Thinking about this cracks
him up. The rest of the song is punctuated with
laughter, some spontaneous and some deliber-
ate. First issues mistakingly list the b-side time
at 2:30 instead of 2:20.
1863 Live and Let Die/I Lie Around

Finally, Paul returns to a regular apple label.
Oddly, there was no PS for this single, by which
Paul proved himself worthy to join the ranks of
those privileged enough to write for the Bond
1864 Apple of My Eye/Blind Owl
Badfinger's last Apple album, Ass, was available.
This was the last Apple single from one of the
hottest bands of the seventies.
1865 Photograph/Down and Out
Ringo Starr
With help from George, this was another hot hit
for Ringo. Issued with a special "star" label.
The a-side is also marked with a white star.
This is an unissued number, but was originally planned for a George
Harrison single, Don't Let Me Wait Too Long.
1867 Woman Power/Men Men Men
Yoko Ono
A single from Yoko's most feminist album,
Feeling the Space.
P-1867 Woman Power/Woman Power
Yoko Ono
A mono/stereo promo. The mono side is edited
to 3:25 from the usual 4:45.

1868 Mind Games/Meat City
John Lennon
John's first single in what for him was a long time.
Issued with PS. The a-side is an optimistic look
at relationship struggles (perhaps with Yoko?).
The b-side is a solid rocker with a secret message
saying, "Check the album." The album message
was different.
1869 Helen Wheels/Country Dreamer
Paul McCartney & Wings
This was promoted from the start as a double-A-
side, although the b-side is a "sliced" apple. The
A-side was a hot enough hit that Capitol decided
to include it as a bonus track on the Band on the
Run album.
PRO-6787/S45-X-48170 Country Dreamer/Country Dreamer
Paul McCartney & Wings

In addition to the usual stereo/mono promo of
the a-side, P-1869 (with mono number PRO-
6786), Capitol/Apple issued this promo of the
b-side as well. Acetates are numerous listing
the b-side only, so this must have been thought
of as a song with hit potential.
1870 You're Sixteen/Devil Woman
Ringo Starr

The second single off of Starr's hot "Ringo" album,
this one being the cover of a fifties standard. Again
on the custom 'star' label, this single too fared well.
Issued with a blue PS featuring "Ringo". The single
was reissued with regular apple labels. These are
harder to find than the original.
1871 Jet/Mamunia
Paul McCartney & Wings

Leadoff single from Paul's most sucessful Apple
album, recorded in Lagos, Nigeria. Some copies
of the single feature an incorrect intro time. Others
feature an incorrect total time as well. The correct
total time for the a-side is 4:08.
P-1871 Jet/Jet
Paul McCartney & Wings

This mono/stereo promo has the mono side edited
to 2:49.
1871 Jet/Let Me Roll It
Paul McCartney & Wings

The a-side label was corrected and a new b-side
chosen. This version appears to be more common
than the "Mamunia" issue, but not by much.
1872 Oh My My/Step Lightly
Ringo Starr

A third single from the Ringo album! This one fared
well, too. Can be found with the "star" label or a
regular apple label.
P-1872 Oh My My/Oh My My
Ringo Starr

This mono/stereo single has the mono side edited to
3:15 from 3:39.
1873 Band on the Run/Nineteen Hundred & Eighty Five
Paul McCartney & Wings

The second (or third) single for Paul from the BOTR
album, this time the title track, which is a fantasy
commentary on the real life court deliberations involving
the ex-Beatles. The A-side length is 5:09.
P-1873 Band on the Run/Band on the Run
Paul McCartney & Wings

Mono/stereo promo with the mono side edited to 3:50.
P-1873 Band on the Run/Band on the Run
Paul McCartney & Wings

Mono/stereo promo with BOTH sides edited to 3:50.
1874 Whatever Gets You Through The Night/Beef Jerky
John Lennon with the Plastic Ono Nuclear Band

Elton John's influence is obvious on this single, which
was John's first #1.
MBRF-55551 Decade
The Beatles & solo
This promo single has a plain white label and nowhere
indicates that it was pressed by Capitol or Apple,
although the radio spots themselves indicate that the
Beatles catalog is available "on Capitol and Apple
records and tapes." The single is one-sided and contains
two radio spots to promote the entire Beatles/solo
catalog. The "Decade" referred to is 1964-1974. This
single has been counterfeited.
1875 Junior's Farm/Sally G
Paul McCartney & Wings

Another double-A-side from Paul, not on any album.
P-1875 Junior's Farm/Junior's Farm
Paul McCartney & Wings

Mono/stereo promo with the mono side edited to 3:03.
P-1875 Sally G/Sally G
Paul McCartney & Wings
Mono/stereo promo of the b-side, issued at the same
time as the above promo. The two promos illustrate
that Capitol skipped the 7000's in its (S)PRO series.
The mono side of the above is 6999; the mono side of
this promo is PRO-8000.
1876 Only You/Call Me
Ringo Starr
Another Ringo Starr hit. When would it end? This time,
Ringo gets from Harry Nilsson. This song features back-
ward secret messages. Can you hear Harry (backward)
saying, "Money, money..."? The single was issued with
a PS of a blow-up of the cover to Ringo's newest album.
Can be found with a "universe" label or a regular apple.
1877 Dark Horse/I Don't Care Anymore
George Harrison

The song that was to define George's new label. It was
issued with a plain white label and then a custom "face"
label, in blue and white. There was also a PS, although
the sleeve (which features the lyrics) is difficult to find.
P-1877 Dark Horse/Dark Horse
George Harrison

Mono/stereo promo with the mono side trimmed to 2:48.
This promo was issued later than the regular mono/
stereo promo which has the mono side at 3:52. There
is also mention of the album on the label. Issued
about 3 months after the single came out.
1878 #9 Dream/What You Got
John Lennon
The second hit from Walls and Bridges. This one
focuses on John's and Yoko's 'lucky number.' A
double A-side. The a-side time is 4:44.
P-1878 What You Got/What You Got
John Lennon
Mono/stereo promo for the b-side. The mono number
is PRO-8030.
P-1878 #9 Dream/#9 Dream
John Lennon

Mono/stereo promo with BOTH sides edited
to 2:58, which was better suited for radio.
The stereo master number is SPRO-8035
1879 Ding Dong; Ding Dong/Hari's On Tour (Express)
George Harrison

A new years single issued in late February. Issued
with a custom "face" label and a title sleeve.
P-1879 Ding Dong; Ding Dong/Ding Dong; Ding Dong
George Harrison
Mono/stereo promo with both sides edited to 3:12.
1880 No No Song/Snookeroo
Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr and Harry Nilsson clown around on
another Ringo single, which is really quite good.
Universe label. Stereo/stereo and mono/mono
promos exist with white labels.
1881 Stand By Me/Move Over Ms. L
John Lennon

First (last?) single for John from his album of
oldies. The non-l.p. b-side is terrific.
1882 It's All Down to Goodnight Vienna/Oo-Wee
Ringo Starr
Not truly a double-A-side, although promo singles
of each side were issued. Perhaps a double b-side.
Issued with the "universe" label and a PS depicting
Ringo sitting on a star made of stars. The single
version is atypically longer than the l.p. version.
This was Ringo's last Apple single.
P-1882 Oo-Wee/Oo-Wee
Ringo Starr
Mono/stereo promo of the b-side, issued at the
same time as the promo for the a-side.
1883 Ain't That a Shame/Slippin' and Slidin
John Lennon
This single was never issued, but mono/stereo
promos of each side were sent to radio stations.
Each of these is a rare item. John's last single
for five years.
1884 You/World of Stone
George Harrison
Paul had left Apple for Capitol. John had retired.
Ringo had recorded his last for Apple. The custom
label for this single and the Extra Texture album
is a custom label featuring an apple core. Issued
with a PS, Apple's last, promoting the album.
1885 This Guitar/Maya Love
George Harrison
This last original Apple single, issued five years
to the day before John Lennon's murder, failed to
chart. A feeble end for a label with fine aspirations.

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I love your perfectly compiled information on all the Apple Records singles. You should totally post the rare OOP singles and/or all the singles (for the 40th anniversary of the label), but at least we have all the info. Wouldn't it be great if Capitol released the Complete Apple Singles just like Universal/Motown is doing on Hip-O Select with The Complete Motown Singles.