The Beatles North American Concert Tickets - 2

Carnegie Hall, New York - February 12, 1964

The Beatles played two 35-minute shows at Carnegie Hall, at 7:00pm and 9:30pm. Capitol Records had planned to record both shows and release a live album. In a letter to Carnegie Hall dated February 3rd, 1964, Capitol agreed to provide letters of permission from Brian Epstein and Sid Bernstein for tape recording the show. They also agreed to pay Carnegie Hall $300 to record the event, and another $300 to use "Recorded at Carnegie Hall" on an album cover. Capitol had already planned the placement of the recording equipment, but at the last minute was prevented from doing so by the American Federation of Musicians union.

Parquet White $ 5.50

First Tier Box Red $ 5.50

The Beatles At Carnegie Hall U.K. magazine

Deauville Hotel Mau Mau Club, Miami - February 16, 1964 (Ed Sullivan Show)

General Admission Blue Complimentary Rehearsal

Guest letter from the Casablanca hotel offering two complimentary tickets to their guests for the main show at 8:00pm. The Versailles hotel also offered free tickets, but for the dress rehearsal.

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