Beatlemania! The first North American release

Beatlemania ! With The Beatles - Capitol Records of CANADA, T-6051 Mono Dic, 2, 1963

When word spread to North America of The Beatles phenomenal success overseas, Capitol of Canada decided to release the Beatles second British LP With The Beatles. The label altered the front cover of the album by adding favorable quotes and retitling the record Beatlemania! With The Beatles.This LP holds the distinction of being the FIRST Beatles album in North America (2 December 1963), preceding Vee-Jay's "Introducing The Beatles and Capitol's Meet The Beatles.
The back cover of the Canadian release is essentially the same as that of the British LP, with both featuring the same liner notes by Tony Barrow.Beatlemania ! was issued as part of the label's 6000 Series,which concentrated on pop albums, and was assigned number T-6051.The LP was ONLY ISSUED IN MONO. Unlike Vee-Jay and Capitol in the U.S., Capitol of Canada did not delete any songs from the British album.Thus, Canadian purchasers were luckily treated to all fourteen songs.

Note: Different edition of official album. Just to know it. No download here.

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John Sposato said...

I have the UK edition with the beatles anyway, though it'd be nice to find this edition, and the two after it for across the Commonwealth. I'm in Upstate NY, so I can sometimes get records from across Lake Ontario. The last shop I went to in Canada, all their Beatles items cost too much, even this if it's there. I did see Paul solo in Toronto in 1993.