Mal Evans' Silent Film 1966

Opinion 1.
The Mal Evans home movies of Paul McCartney and others filmed throughout 1966.
This DVD contains four separate films featuring Paul McCartney traveling through Europe, holidaying in Kenya 1966, traveling in Frank Sinatra's jet to Colorado to meet Jane Asher, and on to Los Angeles with Derek Taylor.
All digitally transferred for the first time onto DVD in their entirety, featuring 55 minutes of extra footage never seen before. These reels of film originally came up for sale at Sothebys in 1992, and sold for £9,500. So here are the entire reels of film by Mal Evans appearing for the very first time.
These films were purchased as silent 8mm home movies and have been brought to you as silent footage and will appeal more to the hardcore fan than a casual Beatles admirer.

Opinion 2.
This title has really nothing to do with the Beatles, except very few glimpses of Paul around the end of 1966, probably around the time of Sgt. Peppers album.
These are only home movies taken by Mal Evans, the Beatles' road manager that apparently was on holyday with Paul and Derek Taylor and a few others, but again, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the Beatles (although the few takes of Paul are always nice to see).
The DVD package is called The Beatles, and I suspect this is only to help sell this item. It should have been called Mal Evans home movies, which is really what these are, nothing more.Nice quality video and transfer to DVD.

Opinion 3.
That´s why I put it in here for all to see for themselves and decide whether to buy it or not.