Beatles' Memorabilia 7

Beatles ice cream wrapper
The american company who made this ice cream bar was no doubt responding to the huge impact beatlemania was having after the band had stormed into the american music scene in early 1964.
The text on the wrapper reads:
'lucky beatle coin offer enclose 3 wrappers and 50c in coin to receive your lucky beatle coin. issued and redeemable by: alking enterprise inc. p.o. box , los angeles, calif
void in any states or municipalities where prohibited, taxed or otherwise restriscted. good only in the u.s.a. allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Beatle krunch coated ice cream bar
ice cream with artificial flavoring, chocolate flavored coating containing sweet chocolate and vegetable fat (other than cocoa fat) emulsifier and vanillin, an artificial flavoring agent. crunch contains malted milk, salt, soda.
mfd. by country club ice cream co.
210 crosby ave, paterson, n.j.
3 fluid ounces'