The Apple Singles Collection - Apple # 1

Donated by Chris: Many thanks.

Frank Sinatra: Maureen Is A Champ (1968)

Commissioned by Apple utive Peter Brown, in honor of Maureen Starkey's 22nd birthday.
Ringo Starr's wife (Maureen) had a birthday coming up and someone at Apple Records thought it would be great to work up a version of the song The Lady Is A Tramp to play at her birthday party.
One thing led to another and a famous Hollywood composer agreed to rewrite the words to the song, then talked Frank Sinatra into singing it. Sinatra (who was a fan of Beatle songs) recorded this version of The Lady Is A Tramp with a band, shipped the tapes to London, where it was pressed onto a record (possibly making it APPLE # 1).
Only one copy of the record was made and given to Maureen (Cox) Starr, and the stamping moulds were all destroyed afterward.
The new lyrics were written by SAMMY CAHN, and that's BILL MILLER on piano.


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