Mary Hopkin - Those Were The Days (sing-a-long)

The English lyrics were written by Gene Raskin and the original Russian version was written by Boris Fomin, before Mary Hopkin was even born.

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temmaharbour said...

Gene Raskins lyrics for the song "Those were the days" are original and not a translation from the Russian song "Dorogoi dlinnoyu" which means "By a long road" or "along a long road"
The song in Russian Дорогой длинною ("Dorogoi dlinnoyu"),the music was written by Boris Fomin(1900-1948) with lyrics by the poet Konstantin Podrevskii.

Mary Hopkin had the biggest and best known hit with this song, she recorded the song in many other languages, in Spain, Que Tiempo Tan Feliz. In Germany, An jenem Tag. In Italy, Quelli Erano Giorni In France, Le temps Des Fleurs.
I have a page dedicated to the song on my website