The Apple Singles Collection - Apple # 6 + # 17

Donated by Chris. Many thanks.

Trash: Road To Nowhere (# 6)

First up (Jan '69) was the awesome ‘Road to Nowhere’ with its highs, lows and Leahy’s organ solo workout. (the cover of the Portuguese edition is shown above) Its B-side is the brilliant ‘Illusions’ written by Hughie Nicholson of the Poets. Most reckonthat if it had been the A-side the band might have had a better chance of a hit. Anyway it saw no chart action. It is said that some controversy with the BBC led to the band dropping the 'White' from their name. Certainly the "White" was dropped because it was felt that music from anyone with that name would not be played on American radio or T.V. because of the racial connotations. The band never liked that name anyway apparently. Some later runs of 'Nowhere' were credited just to - 'Trash'

Trash: Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight (#17)

The second single (Apple 17) was a cover of the Beatles - ‘Golden Slumbers/Carry that Weight’ backed by the band composed 'Trashcan' We used to think Trashcan was a wee bit tedious but its getting far more acceptable after 30 years or so. This single did hit the lower regions of the charts - see the Guinness Book of Hit Singles - number 35 on 25 October 1969.

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