Something more about Beatles lost interview...

The previously-lost interview with The Beatles has revealed that John Lennon thought drummer Ringo Starr, should have been "heard and not seen" during his time in the band.
However, the late Lennon was only joking in the interview, which was conducted by Scottish TV (STV) in 1964.
As previously reported on NME.COM, the Beatles interview was recently unearthed after being stored in a south London garage for over 40 years.
When asked if he ever got lonely sitting at the back of the stage, Starr said, "I'm lucky being at the back, the other three have it worse than I do. That's where I am – a drummer should always be at the back."Lennon then joked: "A drummer should be heard and not seen."
In the interview the band also talked about the relationship they had with their fans. "Only getting in and out of places, when there's thousands all together," Lennon said, when asked if having legions of adoring fans was ever a problem for him. "You usually only meet at the most six or seven [fans], if you're running along the road."
Lennon and McCartney also discussed how they composed songs together and how they arrived at the famous “Lennon/McCartney” credit. “Normally we sit down and try and bash one out,” McCartney said. “But then again, there’s no formula, because [John] can come up with one one day completely finished. We still say we both wrote it, though.”

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