Beatles Fan Trip to Liverpool

Being a Beatles' fan since they arrived in the US on February 7, 1964, one of my dreams was to visit Liverpool and find out all about the Beatles. I finally had that dream come true in April of 2006. Unsure where to start, I began checking out the internet websites for Beatles and Liverpool. I knew I wanted to make sure to see the Beatles Story Museum, the Casbah, Mendips and Forthlin, along with all the numerous sites about the Beatles that I could fit in. I highly recommend checking these places out for sure. I know now that 2 days was just not enough time for this Beatles' fan.

One of the best things I did was check out Beatle Tours with David Bedford on the internet. I was not disappointed at all! David knows what any Beatles' fan is looking for and he does his best to please. He not only is quick to respond to emails, he also sets up the tours to each individual's request and after all is said and done, David is still there answering questions that I have after returning home. If you are planning a trip to Liverpool, your first step is to contact David and get ready to enjoy all the wonderful Beatles' sites that Liverpool has to offer. My dream came true, but I didn't have near enough time to see it all. Even though it was a full 8 hour tour, I need to start making plans to go back and see the rest!

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