A little something more about Mary Hopkin

In September 2005 she released an album on her own label, "Mary Hopkin Music", called "Live at the Royal Festival Hal!" It was followed in December 2006 by a brand-new Christmas recording, "Snowed Under", released as an mp3 download via Disaudio.com
To celebrate her birthday in 2007, she released an album called "Valentine", on her new label http://www.maryhopkin.com It includes 12 previously unheard tracks dating from 1972 to 1980, three of which were written by Mary.

In the video: Mary Hopkin sings Donna Donna, from the Expo 70 concert in Osaka Japan 1970


Anonymous said...

Mary is great... one of Apple's best finds.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you.
Mary is the greatest and sweetest singer in this century.
I have added the finale song "Those were the days" at the live held in Expo Hall, Osaka-Suita, July 1970, on YouTube. Enjoy it.