Donation: Carnival of Light?

This 1:17 excerpt of experimental music was transferred to cd in 1998 by my father who was an in-house recording engineer for over 25 years in the music industry. It came from a reel to reel tape only marked 'Beatles Sound Mix#2 CL' and this is the only music on the tape. Everything else on the reel tape is either people talking, not the Beatles, or silence. He always assumed that this was a piece of their music because of the timing in which he had been given it.

My father was invited to visit Abbey Road Studios in late 1967 and was in London doing assistant engineering for a few months after that but didn't ever get to work with the Beatles. He did meet George Harrison briefly one day and said he was very friendly and interested in what his thoughts were on the comparison between British and American recording techniques.

This reel to reel tape was one of the souvenirs that he brought back from his stay in London. I guess you can decide if it's actually part of what is called 'Carnival of Light' that is in the news now.

You can hear talking and weird sounds on it, but I'm no expert on how to tell exactly everything that is going on in this short excerpt.

I've watched the Carnival of Light videos on youtube and this one doesn't sound like any of them, but like I said, I'm not an expert on this. If anyone has information on it, please share. I hope you enjoy it.


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