Some word on Playing The Beatles Backwards

The worst part of the the Playing The Beatles Backwards: The Ultimate Countdown article are the readers's comments: no tolerance, bare verbal violence, no critical arguments, no alternative lists or critics... only a sort of blind rage against the Different Thinking. In fact, you will not find those comments published.

That's not the way, folks. It makes us at BVM to wish to stop our work! No matter in collecting things for people if people is this kind of! That the JBev's article is a personal opinion is easy to understand for any donkey, and that agree is not required too: what's the matter in crying against the fact that his opinions are not objectives? No one of you had the courage to send his own list, instead! Why? We suspect that the reason is that many are able to denigrate one other's work, but none of them is able to make the same work his own way. So hail to JBev who had the wish, the strenght and, yes, the courage and, last but not least, the idea to write his own list! If you have not words to tell something interesting - right or wrong it can be - please say nothing.

To act as an example, we will post above our own list against the JBev's one (list only, no texts): you will find out as we - that are writing these lines in his defence -are in fact TwoThousandLight Years from him... (just to say: it seems obvious that Obladi Oblada is the worst Beatles song, but JBev do not think it so: might we censor him?) Please, be at least a bit more democratic...

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staha said...

I, for one, very much appreciate this blog. I was ten when I bought my first 45, "Can't Buy Me Love". Despite more than 40 years of following all things Beatle, I still learn things on this blog, a blog that I suspect is written by folks far younger than I.

I have read the first two installments of "Playing the Beatles Backwards" with great interest. While I can't say I agree with the list, that's the most fascinating thing to me. That someone so clearly versed in Beatle music could listen to the same music as I, yet have such a different opinion.

I'm not much of a list writer, so I'll just offer this comment about the two lists presented here. "Old Brown Shoe" in the bottom ten of both? I absolutely agree. But - "Good Day Sunshine"? That would be in my top 25 easily - what a spectacularly "sunny" song! "Lady Madonna" in the bottom 10 of this alternate list? That one's in my top 10 - rock and roll piano, I've tried to play it so many times. I get the notes right, but the feel... how did Paul have such a remarkable natural feel for the piano? "Ballad of John and Yoko"? I love that song - John and Paul having a fun time for a day. Maybe the last time they just... played, in both senses of the word.

Differences in opinion make life interesting. I can't wait to read the next installment. I'm sure I won't agree, but that's the fun of it, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

This Is One Great Site.
I love coming here, the articles and features are always entertaining and the musical postings always a jot (in particular the current BBC postings).
The problem with playing the beatles backwards is that it is so personal an endevour that it means very little to others. There are probably a few Beatles songs that I do not like, but I would not draw up a list of them. The rest of them are wonderful pieces of music, however, at different times in my life I have preferred some pieces over others and having been a Beatles listener for over 40 years now, my choices of Beatles song to listen to has changed many times. While I have no doubt that this has been a rewarding task to the person who took the time to compile this list and to anybody who wishes to compile their own list, ultimately, it is only relevant to them.
Excercises of this kind are better left to Mojo, Rolling Stone or Q.
Regards, Mal


Hi Mal,
as you can easily see the opinion about the "Backwards" posts of Staha above is opposite to your and, as he said, that's the fun... Everyone may find or not interest in someone other's writings - no matter how personal it is -, and be caught or not but... it's surely better to have something to talk about than not. So we will look for more critical essays, objectives or not, to offer in the future posts.

The difference from Mojo & Co. here is that this is only an exhibition (hence the Virtual Museum name) with no pretention to rule anything... only to show music, images, stories as long as opinions.

Anyhow. many thanks to you and Staha for showing what comments must be in a blog like this. You two showed two expressions of the same passion, that in the end is what matter here.

Best regards
Beatles Virtual Museum

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks you for the above reply to my comments, I wish you well and appreciate your reasons for presenting "Backwards
Beatles the Playing" (If we listen very hard we may hear satanic messages)
I will, of course, continue to visit and enjoy your site, but doubt that I will be swayed .

Very best wishes