Something you can't see that isn't shown...

by Dave Haber

The fortieth anniversary of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band passed on June 1, 2007, with no release of anything special from Apple Records. The fortieth anniversary of the White Album similarly passed on November 22 of last year. There's been no official Beatles releases since 2006, Capitol Albums Volume 2 in April and the Love soundtrack later that November.

Now, it appears something is possibly up at Apple Records. An observant Beatles fan has noticed that in the "sites" section of The Beatles' official website www.thebeatles.com, there is a link, and actually a thumbnail representation of the homepage, to an official "Sgt. Pepper's" site.
Only problem is, the link is broken, there is no "Sgt. Pepper's" site.
What could this mean? All the other "sites" at thebeatles.com are sites to promote their recent products, going back to Beatles 1 and Anthology, the movies Help! and Yellow Submarine, and the more recent releases of the Capitol Albums, Let It Be Naked and Love. So, does this mean a new official release from Apple somehow involving Sgt. Pepper's is on the horizon?

Our unofficial, anonymous, industry sources can only say they've heard of no plans for a new release of Sgt. Pepper's. It's possible the new site is related to the recent news that Cheap Trick would be bringing a show to Las Vegas recreating the Sgt. Pepper's album, but we were under the impression that's not yet a done deal. Or it could be something totally different.
BTW, I've heard from fans who say they think it was just something left over from a feature about the album on it's fortieth anniversary. That's possible, but I've checked the Internet Wayback Machine (www.archive.org) and there is no mention of anything about Sgt. Pepper's on thebeatles.com in June, July, August or even later in October of 2007.

Stay tuned, when we learn more, you'll see it here...

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