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Sir Paul says fans should not expect another Strawberry Fields.

Sir Paul McCartney has warned Beatles fans not to expect too much from the band's lost song Carnival of Light. The singer told the Times the tune will not be to everybody's liking and that it is not another Strawberry Fields.

Last month the 66-year-old told Radio 4's Front Row programme the time has come for the mythical track to be made available to the group's legions of followers.
Sir Paul believes the song should now be released but warned them not to expect too much from it. "People are thinking there's another Strawberry Fields somewhere … this is more plinky-plonky. I mean, I like it, but it's not to everyone's taste," he told the newspaper.

Sir Paul talks about meeting Bertrand Russell.

Sir Paul McCartney has claimed it was he who fostered a social conscience within the Beatles and led them into being a political band.
In an interview with Propsect, the bass guitarist said he had a meeting with the philosopher Bertrand Russell in the 1960s and during this encounter he learnt about the atrocities occurring in the Vietnam war.

After enjoying a detailed conversation about the conflict, Sir Paul claims he then took the message to his bandmates and the Beatles' political conscience was born.
"I remember going back in the studio either that evening or the next day and telling the guys, particularly John [Lennon], about this meeting and saying what a bad war this was," he told the news provider.
However, Sir Paul's recollection of the events are inconsistent with those of Tariq Ali, a former leader of Britain's anti-war movement, who claims to know nothing about what the 64-year-old is talking about.

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Crane-Watch said...

Lennon was the political one.. Paul keeps rewriting history!